Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh my it's been almost 2 months since my last post!

I had a computer burn out and have a new to me rebuilt box but it is way too slow... I will be getting back in touch with the person who was able to save all my hard drive data to this one to see if we can get the speed up to what I need. Also haven't been able to upload images from my camera... pout!

I have been keeping busy! I pieced a Solstice Altar cloth. It has several pentascopes (my term for kaleidoscopic elements made with 5 repeats in the stack and slash technique) of an awesome fabric of celestial images on a black background.

I have been working on bead embellishments for new piece called Greenman of Autumn. I originally considered incorporating this idea in the Solstice altar cloth as the Greenman of Autumn wins the battle to reign this half of the coming year. I want it to represent the power the Oak King holds in gathered strength as sap returns to the roots and of his acorns quietly waiting the warmth of spring. The bead elements have taken on a life of their own! I have several elements that are beaded on wire, oak leaves, fir branches, holly leaves, and ivy, more of each still to make. There are acorn charms, red beads for holly berries, as well as potential mistletoe leaves and berries still to incorporate. I haven't quilted it yet and not sure if I want to do that by machine or hand when I incorporate the embellishments... decisions, decisions, decisions! I did realize recently it will need to be mounted on a board or with perhaps several layers of interfacing with a reinforced hanging mechanism as the embellishments are going to weigh a ton! I hope this piece will hang on either in continual progress or only put aside for brief interludes of work on other projects. It would be good to finish before the Summer Solstice!

I participated in my first Juried Show/Sale hosted by Friends of the Olympia Timberland Libraryon December 11th. I would say it was a great success, having sold a larger piece, "Ground Water" to a colleague quite unexpectantly, as well as a few smaller items. It has encouraged me to consider entering other local juried shows... now where did I save that application with the dates... glad my hard drive was recovered! Only have to remember where I put it!

I have enjoyed the 4 day weekend hanging out with Conan. The coming work week ought be relatively slow considering the majority of people consider this vacation time!

I have sorted and compiled a stack of my unfinished projects, hope to work on several of these before starting anything major. I am hosting 2 challenges, one for the EAST Team, and one for the Pagan Team on Etsy! I can be a bit of an over achiever! The Greenman will work for one, if it get's completed in time. The other will likely be a table topper altar cloth in reflection of Imbolc the half quarter celebration of Bridget the Celtic Goddess, also known as Saint Bridget, though she was de-canonized when the Vatican thought she was too pagan.

Looking back through this post could i have used any more exclamation points? It is my most abused punctuation! I want everything I say to have energy, :), and I'm not going to edit them out. I hope to get the ability to upload images again soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I have been meaning to get to this post for days!

I have finished the Balance lap quilt and it is listed on Etsy in the Paganteam Shop!

I am not 100% satisfied with the machine quilting tension or design... motivation to keep playing. I think I will return to stippling until I feel I have a better control of the whole skill... we shall see...

Here it is! A close up of the quilting and the whole top.

I have offered my sister one of the previously posted quilts, either Gypsy Rose or Spin Off, but have yet to hear which she prefers, though I also said she could wait to see what else will be available as I work though some of these tops I have waiting in the wings! Either way I hope to find out soon so I can list the other one on Etsy! Balance was made specifically for the challenge so it was necessary to list it.

I am cleaning and sorting everything in my house... good to go into the winter with a handle on my life, mentally and physically! Almost finished with my fabric and projects, then I can return to creating and finishing stuff!

I am working on designing an Altar cloth for our Circle's Greening Service the first weekend in December. My brain is having a challenge trying to get out on paper what I see in my head! Good to stretch my designing!

Back to the tasks... also taking care of my son who has the flu:( Trying to pretend I don't have it... but think I do :( Just keep doing stuff and pretend I feel OK! Sometimes it works!

Friday, October 9, 2009


For the past few weeks, since Innovations, I have been working on a lap size throw quilt. There is a small amount of the challenge fabric from Sew Batik . There are 2 fabrics I originally purchased at Bayside Quilting 2 that I thought would work as border fabrics for my Spin Off quilt I was working on for Innovations . I added a couple other batiks from my stash and started building a quilt top. My plan was to machine quilt it in sections then connect them, not a unique to me technique. While working on it the Pagan Team on Etsy selected Balance as the challenge theme. There are many ways this little quilt aligns itself with this theme. When working on any challenge piece I contemplate the theme. I find myself asking where balance is or isn't in my life. A very informative journey, it is good to take inventory! The theme was selected to reflect the equinox and our position in the universe. Autumn is my favorite season, the Autumnal Equinox signals a significant change is coming. A natural progression of life. Not going to take the time now to edit and post progress images, I have taken several pictures along the way and plan to post them on my flicker page when it is finished. Haven't posted anything on flicker for a long time!

Remember the EAST Team on Etsy Treasure Hunt! Awesome give aways! If you are not an Etsy member it is free to join and there's no influx of emails from the site. You do not have to open a shop, you can just shop! Or in this case participate in our Treasure Hunt! see more details below or on the EAST Team blog !

Back to piecing the sections of Balance together! Nice thing is how finished it is with the sections already quilted!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EAST Treasure Hunt!

The following announcement is on the Team blog for my Etsy street team EAST (Earthpath Artisan Street Team)

The EarthPath Artisan’s Street Team (EAST team) on Etsy invites you to participate in our Harvest Treasure Hunt! Since, for so many of us, this is a time of harvest and thanksgiving, we have chosen to begin our Treasure Hunt on, September 22 (the Autumn Equinox). Each week, for 9 weeks, thru Tuesday, November 24th, we will be giving away a different prize to one lucky treasure hunter each week - and then on Wednesday, November 25th, (the day before Thanksgiving) we will be drawing one lucky winner from all entries who will receive an amazing Bounty Basket filled with an assortment of wonderful items from a variety of EAST team shops!

As our “Harvest Treasures” we have selected an item (or items) from our participating shops that we feel represent the Harvest theme. These items may be representative of an actual harvest of fruits and vegetables or a harvest of personal/spiritual nature. When searching through our team shops, look for item titles you think are harvest related! Not as easy as it sounds when you consider how Earth friendly we all are! Designated treasures will change throughout the prize period and will contain one of the following phrases in their descriptions:

“Look EAST and harvest the fruits of our labor!”
“The EAST Team wishes you Bountiful Blessings!”
“Treasures abound when you follow your EarthPath!”

We’ll also be sprinkling around a few clues to direct you to our treasures, so be sure to check out our shops and follow our blog to help you on your way to winning! You will receive one entry for every 5 items you locate! Each entry must contain 5 different treasures. Limit of 3 entries per person. An additional entry will be given to anyone posting a purchase of an item from any shop designated with an asterisk on the list below! Once you have gathered your “treasures”, post your list of page addresses as a comment to the blog post on our team blog Comments for this promotion will be moderated for approval, so the answers won't appear there! Be sure to include your Etsy name/contact information in the post as well! Happy Harvesting! Participating shops:
*ArabesqueArtsByDarcy ( ) *Cobaltquilter ( )
*dismissie (
*divapixie ( )
*DivineDesignsByForet ( )
*Foret ( )
*ForetTwo ( )
*Howling Caterpillars ( ) *Generationstiedye ( )
KarinLorenc ( )
*Merigreenleaf ( )
Mountaindreamers ( )
*Mysticwynd (
*Rainfeather (
*RainSews ( )
*Ravenshold ( )
*Sagehealer ( )
*SoulyStones ( )
*TheOmIntention (

There are weekly Prizes and a Grand Prize Winner will receive a Bounty Basket!

There are treasures hidden in my Etsy Shop!
Happy hunting!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quilts are home from Innovations!

No ribbons... good comments from the judges! The same areas I knew I needed to work on were noted, it is good to know I am on the right track. I am going to try a quilt as you go technique on the current quilt I am working on to see if I can get more creative with the quilting! Great classes and information from the conference I will post more details soon. Wanted to get images of the 2 large quilts in full view from the show! I will be listing them on Etsy soon I think. I wasn't going to but they seem 'okay' to me as long as I price them accordingly and not as a master quilter! So, above you see... Spin Off and Gypsy Rose, once again!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Harvest Challenge voting complete

Well, I am pleased to have the privilege of receiving the most votes cast in the Harvest Challenge. The running was very close between a few of us. I suspect my nudge over the top has to do with the email I sent out to my family and friends. A reflection of my wanting to boast and show off what I am doing! Making the win an interesting potential for the continued sending of my "Shameless self promotion" email when I want to share what I have been doing with the limited circle that is my 'comunity'. I know I missed at least one family members address... (Note to self: work on a possible email group titled Shameless! I did ask if they wanted to be removed from my posting of these shout outs they were invited to do so.)

It is also an opportunity for them to visit the wonderful art on Etsy! Often I find myself pulled in by one person's work. Sometimes it feels like I'm wandering through an art gallery, especially when I view it in 'gallery' rather than 'list' view. I love the sense of being in on others expressions of the passion they feel inside!

Haven't steam blocked Rose yet, but Spin Off is nearly ready to bind! I have to have them all ready to go a week from today! This has made me much more forgiving of my developing skill with the ratio of my needle's speed to the speed I move the quilt. I know one thing, the smaller the whole quilt the easier to manipulate. A measure that increases exponentially in the negative way! If I continue to have a desire to create these bigger pieces I will try a few 'quilt as you go' techniques. I made several quilts that way in the 80's & 90's. A bit more difficult to construct a unique whole in pieces! I'm playing with one right now that will use a set of stacked & slashed hexegons I have had a difficult time placing.

I don't think I ever look at a piece of fabric or other patterns found around me with out trying to imagine the possible kaelidoscope images it could create! Probably the same thing that keeps me buying blue and white fabric as well as autums amazing color way! Back to the quilting!

So I said an image of the Rose...
I know I'm working large when the finished quilt doesn't fit on my design wall!

Monday, August 31, 2009

August Challenge Entry!

I took time to finish the last of the pieced leaf kelidoscopes, from my stash, table topper pentagons this weekend to enter in the Pagan Street Team August Challenge "Harvest"!

To see all the entries an vote on your favorite visit our blog!

Or search Etsy for 'paganchallengeaug' and they will show up also!

I have completed the quilting of Gypsy Rose! I need to block/steam it and then mount it on a piece of dark fabric with a sleeve as the shape is odd and won't easily hang in the show! The fabric challenge quilt Spin Off" is next in line to begin the quilting! It is good to be busy!

I have pretty much decided to put off the Barter Fair this year... too much to do and not really up for the camping experience right now. And I don't know what I want to barter for or if I am ready to commit to barter commissions, it may freeze my creative side for the winter. That happened last fall when I was putting too much energy into 'marketing' ideas and got lost creatively! Not going to happen this year! The day job calls my name!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gypsy Rose

The images are of the design phase of the top. I have nearly finished the quilting and will post a picture soon! Machine quilting is something I am still very much a novice at. Stippling is getting better, more consistent stitch length, but not what I would like to be able to do. More, and more practice in my future...
I haven't fully figured out the placement of images! Another thing to work on....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Innovations Fabric Challenge progress!

The fabric challenge fabric is the awesome batik leaves from Sew Batik! I have added 3 non batiks. Beginning with the triple Irish chain blocks I wanted to possibly do something like blooming nine patch but was unable to see it through. I have once again become fascinated with circles. I recently cut a set of wedges, not yet sewn together, from a collection of fabrics I have had for 15+ years! It may one day reach a finished state and show up here! So, I thought... I have enough batik left from the yard sent for the challenge I could make alternating wedges to add to the movement of the chain blocks. It took several days and a few alternate designs to come up with the way to connect the 2 elements. Please excuse the box of batting, my design wall is functional but would require effort to arrange it for a clear full image and I am lazy! My original intent was an image for myself so I can work on the how to quilt it phase. That is still in the works! And the final border size is under consideration as well.

My other entry is at the machine. Last night I spent an hour picking out stitches from a section I did not like the results of my limited machine quilting ability! POUT! I hate picking out stitching. Worse yet is I have to rethink how I want to continue with the quilting as it is not conforming to previously determined ideas!

Thankfully I have a few more weeks to wrap up and complete both quilts! If only the day job wasn't so ever present! But then, how would I purchase all this awesome fabric.... hum... someday my work may pay for itself, that would be fun! Off to get ready for said day job!

Monday, August 3, 2009

July Challenge on Etsy for the Pagan Street Team and more!

As I have noted before I belong to several (4) Street Teams on I have also mentioned working on challenges for these very different teams. We the recent reference to the Fiber Arts Street Team challenge ideas didn't get loud enough to get completed in time.I was also working on an entry for the Pagan Team July Challenge. It isn't fully completed either, fortunately this being the first challenge in a while they allowed us to enter an item we already had so I took advantage of this option. The Challenge theme is- Roots & Shoots, Buds & Blooms… In any manner you wish to express please create something to reflect the herbal nature of this month’s theme! There are 11 entries! Each is unique unto its own art form! This is fun but also makes it a challenge to select your favorite! Good Luck!
Please vote on the Team blog for your selection of the entry that meats the theme best! Each of us was asked to express why our entry is representative of the theme, it is interesting to see all the interpretations! The Voting is found here: Voting begins on August 4th and will only run through August 6th! Get your vote in!

Now for the more!

I am feeling bold. I have entered 3 quilts in the Tacoma, Washington Innovations Quilt show! The web page is: It is specifically for machine quilters, professional long arm users all the way to me, a home machine quilter! Some day I will have a short arm machine with a much bigger area to quilt in! I have quilts in the Contemporary/Art category- In My Image: Maiden, Mother, Crone, the Fabric Challenge- Spin Off, still under construction, and one in the Challenge Series #6- Scraps, Stash, UQPs- Gypsy Rose. Begun originally for an EAST Challenge (Earthpath Artisans Street Team) on Etsy, when I deviated and did the ACEO series, this is the one I was pushing to finish as the above noted July challenge for the Pagan Team on Etsy! This went on hold when I decided to actually enter the fabric challenge knowing they might want to see a picture of the quilt! I was fast and furious designing and piecing and then realized they are going to want the picture for identification purposes, what they really needed was the entry form so my information could be in the program, but I did need to have a pretty good estimate of the dimensions, so good to get it designed! I am at the border stage in designing and it is a fun challenge. I ran out of the challenge fabric, a beautiful batik from Sew Batik they have some of the most amazing fabrics! I also chose to use only 3 other colors, one of which I knew was limited to a small role as I had only a small piece left, it was used up in the first design element phase! This leaves me with 2 fabrics and about 3 pieces of 4inch X15inch piece of challenge fabric! I want a 12 inch border on the top, and 6 total for the main part of the sides... not sure it's enough, it's a challenge! I am having fun!

I finished the beading on the mountain element some time ago. I am stuck on how, hand or machine, and what, fancy stitch or beads or both, and then what about the sky? So it may be a while before I get back to that one! :)

Still no glass cutting.... high on the list though, would like some things done for the Olympia Family Barter Fair, ,the beginning of September. Along with art and other utility items I am planing... I want to finish a few of the quilt tops I have, good time to teach myself to machine quilt better. Speaking of, I think I'll quilt a bit before sleep calls!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilter's Newsletter Magazine!

Woo Hoo! My quilt, The Butterfly's Friend is published on the Reader's Quilt Show pages (specifically p.33!) of the August/September issue of QNM! I am pretty excited to say the least! It has been a long wait. They requested the quilt for a photo shoot last spring after having seen it hang in Houston during the Fabled Fibers Exhibit at the International Quilt Fest! I am excited they also mentioned Operation Kid Comfort, and on the Extra Credit page (p.89!) they noted to see more of my work visit! Potential for national exposure! Certainly inspires me to get to work!
It was a fun project! Inspired by a challenge on there are a lot of galleries posted there of challenges! Check it out!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Designing day dreams

I have been playing with ideas in my head lately. Water, ocean ideas abound. The Tacoma quilt show Innovations ( ) is coming up in September (deadline to apply/enter is in July) and I have 3 more of the series I used one of to enter last year. I've been thinking of taking one out and quilting it in response to the judge's comments from last year... a positive growth experience. The latest encouragement for this idea comes from an Etsy street team challenge from the Etsy FAST Team = Fiber Arts Street Team, a group of fiber artists who have shops on Etsy.
Our team page:

This team hosts monthly challenges you can follow on Etsy, an index is available on the FAST Blog:

The July Challenge is 'Splashing Fun in the Summer' so the connection to completing a second in this series of 4 quilts is a fun playground. I don't know if there is enough pull for me to get to it by the Tacoma deadline, but I have a longer range if I complete one and list it on Etsy. I can use the julychallenge tag into August a bit if needed. It is fun to play with ideas in my head! I should pick one of the remaining in the series and hang it on the design wall in the kitchen! Here is an image of the 4 pieces in the series, before one was completed last year. The finished one is available in the Etsy Shop, you can see it on the right in my Etsy mini! All the fabric, except the solid borders, is hand dyed by me.

I still have the desire to make myself complete one more table/altar cloth pentagon a week, but I would settle for one a month at this junction! That is a good goal! We shall see what happens. More and more to do... a good thing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Reuse Recycle Cobalt Blue Glass

Over a year ago I noticed a friend had an empty blue bottle on his counter that had contained a supplement he takes regularly. When I commented on the blue he said he was saving it for me knowing my Cobalt Blue muse. I now have over 20. I use one as my salt dispenser. It is the perfect size to hold a small ~3 inch espresso spoon I use to scoop up and sprinkle salt. The bright red lids screw on and have an easy snap flip top that can be used to dispense the contents without removing the lid. I don’t trust this flap to work forever, and when it snaps off I will safe a few to replace as needed.

Since I began collecting these bottles I have mused about using a bottle cutter and recycling them as juice glasses or votive candle holders. I read about a variety of cutters and settled on the one where the bottle lays on its side and best utilizes gravity to align the cutters. Naturally this was the most expensive one as well. Last Friday I ordered the Ephrum Bottle Cutter system! It should arrive this week! I am excited about the possibilities. Next weekend I will be going north, up to Port Angeles, to visit family for the weekend, so may not get any cutting done for another week. Pretty sure I don’t want to try this for the first time on an evening after work when I will be tired and less careful.

I have another friend who has a small kiln for annealing glass beads. It can also be used to fuse glass; I thought I would save all the broken pieces and find a way to make something from them as well. Perhaps little dishes will work if I can find molds that will fit his kiln. However I might be able to convince the kiln owner to make small pressed pendants from the fragments. He has made some wonderful pieces in the past that came out well using a soap stone mold he hand carved, another idea to muse. I’ve also been contemplating glass etching, would be a unique possibility, particularly if I design and hand cut the mask needed.

I’m including an image of the bottles. A difficult blue to photograph! My mother collected blue glass, as do both my sister and I. I wonder if we do it for a sense of the familiar, a small comfort from the past to carry into the future. Oh I’m an armchair psychologist! I have continued beading on the mountain, nearly finished! Then on to the eagle! I have been playing with the way I want to quilt the eagle; I may opt for machine quilting with monofilament to not distract from the collage effect. We will have to wait until I get closer to actually doing it before I decide!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Much Peace Much Love

I have decided to list the wall hanging created with a piece of my symbols fabric. I have delayed actually listing it for sale because of a small, only visible if I look for it, spot of discoloration on the vintage bias binding used for the design. It took me a long time to decide not to add embellishments to cover the spot. It would detract from my image of the piece, so I decided to let it speak for it's self. My photography leaves something to be desired! What looks like white thread on the edge of the border is actually the reflection of light on the mono filament thread I used to quilt.

The story behind the background fabric is an interesting one. I think it was 2 years ago, there was a challenge on, the Internet list serve I have mentioned before. It was to represent our culture. It took me some time to decide how to do that. Shortly after the call out for the challenge the Pentacle was accepted as an image allowed on Military grave markers. This was a long hard fought success by numerous people. It became one of 39 accepted images ranging from the symbol for Atheists to obscure Christian sects. I down loaded images of the 37 symbols available, two are copy right protected. I hand cut card stock stencils of each. I proceeded to create a variety of discharged fabric pieces with these symbols in search of the one I wanted for the challenge. I have used several of these as background for whole cloth quilted wall hangings. The one seen as my avatar on this blog at the moment is the one I submitted for the Culture Challenge. It had been for sale in Etsy when my daughter saw it and asked if she could have it. It hangs in her apartment in Tennessee! I was honored she would want my work in her living space! I have one other unfinished quilt from this series and a lot of potentials in waiting! I have listed a few these samples for sale on Etsy, and have several not currently active. I haven't looked lately to see if there are additional accepted symbols, but I suspect the options keep growing! The images below are of two of these foundation pieces. The collection of quilts produced for this challenge can be seen here: My entry is in the top right, without its black border, I wasn't able to get a response when I asked them to re post it with the border. I think it looks significantly different, but not a necessarily bad presentation.

I haven't done discharging to speak of for a long time, perhaps this summer I will get back to the process for a few of the possibilities running in my head! I love the organic look it creates.

Well my work week is calling me, day jobs make the world go round! Well, at least my finances! One day I will enjoy the option of staying home to create art that sells well enough to make the day job an option not a norm. But not today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fianlly listed a new item in my Etsy Store!

It has certainly taken me long enough to list the Purple and Green Fantasy Furniture! I struggled with the mini quilt, wanting to use a previously constructed pentagon from the fabric used for the walls of the bed chamber! I have several made when I was designing the "Remember Me" quilt I have posted about previously and is on line at . However I had to make a new one to fit! The others were too big!
Anyway, the listing is here:

A fun set, very royal feeling!

I have made progress on the Blue and White doodling 4 poster bed as well! I have secured the 'mattress' and am searching for the linen it wants. I have several blue and white candidates but none say, "Ta da! It's me!" yet! and I'm unsure if a draping of beads between the posts that has been running through my head will come to be or not... strange way to design a project no doubt. When the right fabric and time are there it will no doubt make itself known!

You can see a portion of my studio's chaos in the background! I am finally actually working within my space again. I am only partially finished with the reorganizing begun weeks ago but the progress is helpful! The project under the blue and white bed is one I finally made progress on! It is a three layer applique' of a mountain that once trimmed (I used the reverse applique' or mola technique) demanded I bead it, it may prevent it's completion by a date I would like it to ... the way my muse operates! I am going to combine it with an element I made a year or so ago when working on the quilt project I did with a friends first grade class. The eagle is made with the raw edge fused applique technique, it is still waiting for it's quilting/embellishment but ideas are going through the design viewer recently! The background sky fabric is fabric I painted and manipulated. Fun to see it in context of the eagle!

The shadow or actually lighter background is a piece of freezer paper ironed to the back for stabilizing the fusing. The sky hints at the Alaskan blue I have seldom seen elsewhere. The hints of pink and purple hard to see and describe.

Well, I didn't get to any table toppers yet, and the Solstice bags are still loud but not loud enough to get under my scissors or needle! I must get on with the tasks at hand. Oh, the yard is calling as well! The iris are in bloom, beside the bright yellow day lillies! Enjoy the energy of Summer!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fianally Finished the Jade bed and quilt!

I have been moving slowly the past week or so, sinus stuff only, no worries. But, as a virus, so the Dr. stated, I have stayed home from work. First few days I slept! Good for the body and the mind. I'm still sleeping much more than I am accustom. Time has been occupied with my miniature muse. I did try to go to work on Wednesday for a few hours, I couldn't keep a track on my tasks, needed too much energy to focus, was a restful afternoon once I got home. Enough of the personal! On with the muse.

I have accepted the Jade Bed as finished. I had a hard time realizing it was not going to be part of a furniture 'set' but a stand alone bed! Then I had to accept the quilt was just perfect the shape it was so I could get the outline quilting completed and be done! Then it was about 2 weeks ago I actually took photos in the shade of an awesome sunny morning. Short stints at editing photos... you get the picture I am sure! So here is the final results of the Jade bed, the quilt colors are soft vintage colors and patterns in an original paper pieced pentagon. I have been playing with the pentagon shape for some time now! As I am sure I have said before, I must not be done. I had this image flash of all these little quiltlets to be used as candle mats and or table mats, etc. It would sure get a ton of these 8 to 12 inch pentagons I made for the Remember Me quilt... And so the muse plays at home in my stash! I also picked up a bag of fabric at the local Goodwill for $1.99, all estimates in it is about 5 to 6 yards... a nice variety of pinks, fat quarters mostly. Another fun design path. So I will post the Jade Bed set. Go list it on Etsy, then get some rest. It is good to let myself design for fun while resting! There are 2 challenges I want to explore this summer. June holds a call for an Obama quilt, my image of the impact, etc. This for a possible publication. It would be fun. There is also the postcard contest this July. I didn't send anything last year, I want to make something new this year! Goals are good. I am starting to feel better! Rest is good.

The room is the castle display box I made. The hand carved throne is from my personal collection. I purchased it from: ! I found the miniature spinning wheel at a local antique 'mall', fun place to wonder around on occasion! The trunk is one I will eventually add to a set, filled and draped with my accessories. The amazing Fairies are also in my personal collection, these were purchased from: ! Visit my shop to see more detailed images of the bed and quilt!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unique Art Collection

The other day I discovered an interesting site. It is called MVSEVM intentionally with a unique spelling! It is a collection of art that I found appealing and fun to browse through.

Grab a cup of coffee, visit the site:
and enjoy the view~

I have also chosen to advertise through this venue. It was an opportunity, and I liked the idea of supporting another artist's display of work they find interesting. I also like her choices, I appreciate unique art! There is no need for me to be 'involved' with this venue beyond enjoying the art selected for viewing. A way to get traffic to my shop with out required activity on my part. That sounds like a plan to me!

This weekend I made a pair of pants... perhaps a start to the clothing muse I have been missing for some time! Usually I make dresses, I need a new one of those too!

The day job calls!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miniatures finally listed on Etsy!

I have been trying to remember what sparked the start of my current muse for miniatures... with out much success. Probably a slow build up from viewing all the awesome miniature artists on Etsy! Combine that with my mother's amazing talent displayed in her miniatures, made for my sister and I, when I was growing up!

I finally listed a set of Fantasy Furniture! It was reserved(potentially sold) within 24 hours of listing. Quite the encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing! :) Here is the set:

The listing was only for the furniture, you can see some of my accessories as seen in my previous post of my shadow box of unique miniature things!

The jade bed has it's mattress! I am designing the mini quilt in my head still... I have cut coordinating 1 1/2 inch strips to play with! I have been entertaining sewing up a few of the table toppers I have yet top finish, more serious consideration that I have done since last fall! There is hope I will return to sewing soon!

I must get ready for the ever interfering day job! Enjoy the spring weather in the northern hemisphere people!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring, ever an awakening!

I have added a new link, upper right hand corner, to Design Style Guide. This is a unique site for seeing some of the most creative and quality work for the discriminating home decor seekers. A community I joined and posted about back in December! Spring brings energy to invest my time to share more details.

To see my work:

Follow the link in the left margin to Paintings and Wall Art to
the directory to Art categories in left margin follow Fiber Art to
page 1 of the gallery displaying some of the most wonderful fiber art I am happy to share the wall with!

Currently a few of my pieces are displayed on the Last Page, you can jump there
and see my work and follow the link back to my individual gallery, with links to my Etsy Shop,

If you enjoy fiber art, get a cup of coffee and enjoy the tour. No need to start with my work though, I am still creeping out of the winter darkness, not much new art posted for some time. It is as I said, a wonderful collection of a fiber art techniques, all with links on to additional galleries of each individuals work. An easy place to wonder for a few minutes to regain the personal perspective, my experience, I express in my work in creative reflection of others perspectives.

A friend and I recently discussed the whole, over all hindrance to 'culturalution' (evolution of our human culture, might be a word I made up! :) may well come down to our amazing human ability to see order in chaos. Personal perspective. Community equals shared perspective. In all it's individual choices. From the art I like to the spiritual perspective I ascribe to, I belong to different communities. This wonderful human talent hinders the opportunity for two greatly opposed perspectives gaining momentum, culturalution, to bring us to a global awareness of 'whose perspective' might be the one to advance us to a more human existence, for all of us, regardless of our circumstances. Sounds simple enough to step in and tip the balance with sharing perspective for the one 'right' perspective. The balance is much more delicate and fluid than a bipolar limitation.

A rather wordy support for art education/exposure/discussion/expression! From the beginning, because it's fun! As the weather heads toward more light and less gray in the Pacific North West I enjoy the returning creative energy. No new images to show... still trying to satisfy the miniature muse. I have yet to take the time to figure out how to cut and paste in the create or edit mode of blogging yet so in hind sight I see this post may well seem disjointed, or random some might say! The self promotion was a surprising thing to see! I must start somewhere~ speaking of starting, there is a list I want to work on!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In the spirit of more frequent personal observations

I have a better awareness of why I blog, the realization, once again, that this is self observation. A simple healthy way to touch base with myself... and in this situation, publicly. Clearly satisfying the narcissist in me! A bit of narrowing of the scope of observation is in order. My creative endeavors.

Yesterday I made a list of unfinished projects that I know isn't complete. I stopped searching my brain at 14, and several of them are potential series or large works, like queen sized contemporary utility quilts. It made me once again contemplate what it is that causes me to move on to a new project before the current one is finished. Perhaps it is the defiant side of my nature rejecting the Puritan work ethics superimposed on my mental patterning! Okay, maybe I just get bored easily!!

I am making progress on the miniature furniture. The latest screaming muse! Covering the white frame bed with marbled decoupage paper as the foundation for embellishing the bed as a fantasy furniture piece! I am having fun. This is a good thing! :)

I have done a bit of 'sorting' always helps clear the way for creating to take place. Puts all those projects that are pushing into the same space a better perspective on their place in line! I am personally challenging myself to get some overdue projects completed. A good plan to clear the way for more!

Maybe I move to another project, sometimes a new one, when I can no longer figure out where the piece I am working on is going and what it will look like that makes me want to see it finished?
I'm going to focus work/play today on embellishing the jade bed, my new name for it! I have made some 3D fabric plant elements to play with as well as beads. I'm off to play!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disadvantage of infrequent posts

I realized how counter productive long gaps between posts to my blog must actually be. I then tend to ramble on and on about my current randomness! Pretty silly. Suffice it to say that I have been playing with miniatures! I have horded quite a unique collection of props to use in my displays for selling my miniature 'creations.' Some were sent to me by my mother and include a needlepoint rug my grandmother made for my mother when she was making miniatures, when I was a kid! I finished the Castle Room Box! I have made a little blue & patterned chair that matches a bed seen in my last post. They will be offered on Etsy soon! I picked up a shadow box, oiled with mineral oil and have it set up to hold my mini collection.
Etsy Shops I have collected some amazing miniatures from!

Bella the Ladybug Baby Fairy and her sisters from
Glitzy chick from
Crystal ball
Book of shadows
Quiji boards
Elemental circle

There are several little odds and ends that are mine, such as the little maps, I glued 2 pieces of tissue paper together to make those! There are a few charms/beads as well.

The Castle Room Box has been a blast to create, I'm working up to displaying items for sale. I am always much slower than I intend!

I thought I had an image of the castle to share. Will have to wait until another day! Too much to do, so little time.... :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Progress, progress, progress

I am chewing away at my list!. I had an, 'ah ha!', about my response to mending or repair work and why it takes me so long to get it done. It isn't fun, and seldom can I make it fun. Hence, I put it off, and stress over not getting it done. Then I remember that if I don't make art I go crazy... so once again I give myself permission to play. One of these times, soon, I will listen to myself and believe the length of time any mending job takes is, as a necessity to my mental health, going to include spurts of my creative expression amidst the timeline. So, the update from my miniature muse!

The craft stick bed went together well with wood glue. The 3 coats of white acrylic may just be an adequate primed surface. I am considering 'painting' it with my doodling! I have a piece of white/off white' pre quilted' batting I'm going to use to make the mattress for this miniature bed! It is a bit over sized, as a California King might be at 5.5" X 7.75 ".

I have also been playing with cardboard. I covered the box with a tufted 'mattress' in a dark blue. I then covered each of the headboards separately in a fantastic print I have been using bit by bit for several years before attaching them to the bed. I didn't take progress pictures because I really wasn't sure this one was going to come out. I did no pattern, no measuring beyond against the pieces. It is fully 'glued' with frabri-tac. I even used it to attach the wooden bead feet. This little bed is 4.75" X 7", If I make another bed from recycled cardboard I'll take progress pictures! There are a few dancing in my head, but I only need so many different props for my displays I may not get the beds made. We shall see!

I have been knotting the edge of a tie dyed 'throw', bed spread, wall hanging thingy. I'll be getting a few of these listed on Etsy soon. The stamped series is making slower progress... still has stamping to do. But I did get a second stamp done!

I found a piece of yard sale fabric that would take dye, it feels like rayon maybe, perhaps silk. I did it a bit differently. I used the fabric wet, after a good wash with mild detergent in hot water and rinsed in hot and cold. I lay the dye ties across on a double thickness and steamed in the microwave. I did rework it once after it had dried because there had been limited transfer of the dye. Not sure what the future is for this piece if fabric!

And I got one fourth of the remaining mending done on the lining to a jacket for a friend! I have a list!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

To Do ...

I keep making lists of things to do in my head! Once again seeking to give myself permission to be creative and work on "my" stuff. I currently have 2 potentially 3 repair/reconstruction 'projects' to have in the most top of my "LIST" (in capitals to emphasize the silly power it has over me). Rather, the power I give it to elicit specific emotional responses toward myself... Okay, enough self diagnosis and treatment of my mind's wanderings! Suffice it to say, grow up, get to it, make time. Include getting to the house maintenance I most willingly leave to the bottom of said list. :)

What have I been doing... I actually have worked in a significant amount of my stuff. I tie dyed a piece of cotton, have cut it into small 1/12 scale bed spreads, or tapestries. I have experimented with edge techniques to make the knotting look to scale, it'll work well enough. Then to practice the stamping of images I decided to cut up a different piece of fabric I had previously painted as the tester run. Some stamping of images begun. Results are satisfactory, with significant room for improvement noted. I pretty much did this project in half hour intervals over the past few weeks. I continue my search for an easily constructed scale bed pattern to get the display set for my newest obsession, miniatures. And in an attempt to design one for myself I have collected craft sticks for $1, 2 pieces of balsa wood for ~$2, although I would pick a stronger wood if I were to make another of these. Picturing the basic bed construction options I have begun gluing pieces together. I also have a cardboard box version with head & foot boards made of the flap side of a shoebox for thickness, not yet attached as I can't get past the multitude of ways this could be finished, and how involved do I want it to be... etc.!

Yesterday in an ever continuing search for miniatures in this town I wandered about an antique 'mall' an entertaining way to spend time! I found a cute miniature sewing machine, and a scale size spinning wheel, ~$7 for both. I was really excited as I can use them as prop in my display for selling my miniature fiber/textile items! I found a set of knitting needles that go down to '000' or 1.5mm, I can only knit for so long before my hands refuse to cooperate! But I am having fun thinking of and working slowly on knitting samples! The small trunk I picked up a few weeks ago at the craft store for $1 will work with these items as a place to have items possibly draped over the side ad folded inside. The creation of a display room is a kick, I am considering a castle, I have awesome 'stonewall' fabric I could do the walls in! But I also need a 50's room. My head is having fun!

My "LIST" calls me and I want to work on everything at once! I will have to see where the day takes me. I'll start with the dishes, oddly doing the dishes, or probably rather, getting the dishes done and cleaning the kitchen, is the most immediately obvious visible to self and others act of maintenance tasks/chores. The elves continue to refrain themselves from helping me do my chores!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time Warp

It is amazing how quickly 6 weeks can go! I have been busy but unfortunately not creatively constructive beyond the knitting and crocheting I am doing to keep me from going looney tunes! :) I have been collecting yarn from trips to the local thrift stores and big discount stores. It is hard to resist a $1 skein of yarn! I decided it would make sense to list these creations in my Etsy Shop as I don't seem to be creating anything else. I made a cowl for my daughter while she was here. She picked out the yarn from my stash and she really liked the results. I have to say, I picked up that particular lot of yarn at the thrift store. It is wool, mohair, silk, and another fiber I don't immediately recall. It was 'made in... ' France or Italy. I collected it while I was still only collecting fibers to use as embellishments, a good way to end up with a fun stash! However, there were 5 or 6 skeins of obviously expensive quality yarn. I didn't like the yarn, beyond a possible embellishment opportunity, and struggled for quite a while whether to purchase the lot of them. Ever the bargain hunter, I picked them all up, not knowing how I would ever use so much of such an ugly yarn, but it sure felt soft! So, you can now imagine my surprise when this was the yarn my daughter requested, and really liked, she thought it would look awesome knit up into a cowl. I shared my opinion of the yarn and we all laughed, my son chimes in amidst the chuckle to say he really, seriously thinks it's an awesome yarn and wouldn't mind something out of it himself. It still makes me smile! I am reminded to listen to the little voice that knows, and just 'Believe' a simple word, a simple concept, a powerful reality.

I have been playing with making dollhouse quilts, little 1/12 scale quilts, pieced, quilted, possibly embellished. I have been struggling with a best fit traditional block combination, rejecting every one systematically, wanting to find the one I could construct with the least amount of effort. That hasn't really been a fun way to brainstorm creatively, once again reminded that finding a 'production product' may not be the way my work as an artist will go! So maybe what I ought to be thinking, not the typical turn of the century dollhouse, but perhaps a more resent history, style. I wonder if there are people out there designing 1960's & 1970's wear for miniaturist? What would I want on my bed? My second thought, it is small art, and can easily become equip with a small hanging sleeve or hoops, an easy alteration to make in a timely manner. It needs to be designed in scale, can be bold and bright and big, but first appealing to a small audience of 5" dolls! :) There's a design challenge and a new size of work. My postcards and aceos have a different focus. Although, could my "trees outside my window" series work as large picture windows for upstairs rooms of unique doll houses? There's an application I hadn't thought of until just now! The leaves might be a bit big for to scale.

Now here's a funny brainstorm. A few weeks ago I picked up a tie dye 'kit' at the thrift store. It contains strips of dye embedded fabric, approximately 1/4 inch wide and a couple feet long. Intended for creating tie dye effects with one application producing multiple colors, even allowing blending of color edges, and a variety of patterns. I suspect I could get effects that look like the batiks being produced today. Could I make dollhouse scale tie dyed blankets, tapestries to be used as 1/12 scale dollhouse enthusiasts trip down memory lane? Much better application than making myself a bunch of t-shirts. Hummm, what size... maybe 7" X 9", that equals 84" X 108" a possible queen/king sized throw. This will be fun to play with. Okay, what about using the awesome rubber stamps I have to make one of a kind Celtic tapestries with images stamped on little tie dyed throws?

I have been looking for a free set of plans, patterns, designs for making a simple dollhouse scale bed. There are several available that require unique construction methods, I don't really want to make miniature furniture. I now value why these small pieces of furniture can be so worth the price charged! I wanted one of those, cut it out of cardboard, paint it, it's done, kind of thing; just to use as a display for any miniatures I come up with. Well, after much fruitless searching on the wonderful world wide web, I took a colleagues advice and went to the library, an option I hadn't gotten to yet! I found several good books on construction of dollhouse scale furniture. The only 'cut it out of cardboard' pattern I have found is for a traditional, to be covered in leather, wing back chair. I could adapt the design, pad the upholstery, some what more reminiscent of my grandmother's chair, and use it to display my miniature 'quilts' over. But, no bed pattern. So I have a mind to design one myself! Maybe see if it is easy and share the silly thing with people looking for the same kind of thing. We'll see how far I let my imagination wander before I actually produce the miniatures as well as the displays!

I have started making several sets of miniature knitting needles. I tried actually knitting on them but was a bit frustrated, so I pulled out my "0" needles and am knitting with embroidery floss! I have seen only 2 other artists on Etsy selling these miniature knitting projects. Thought they might be fun and potentially saleable, we shall see. I am striving to make mine, mine, not just another version of what others are offering. We'll see where my imagination takes me! I'm thinking my scale needle have to be a size 15 or so and the resulting knit ought be lose in construction. Also I ought cut my embroidery thread down to 2 strands to represent a 2 ply yarn, perhaps. Then I had the insane idea of making broomstick lace models, I have an amazingly small hook, just not sure my hands would manage it, that's a challenge!

Well, I have numerous projects in line and a zillion more jumping around in my head, so I will go see if I will let myself create, even if I do have to knit a silly scarf I have currently on the needles, or crochet together a pale green shawl of hairpin lace. Now that would be an amazing miniature scale needle art to try and create!

Just an addition as journals go... I am unsure if I want to pursue a place to show my work during Arts Walk this Spring. I am a bit discouraged, I wasn't really at Traditions, beyond the little corner, and would love to maybe do that again. But I am not sure I want to go and ask, I fear they will say yes because they are nice, not because of my work. I could stop thinking about it as a sales outlet and see it for just what it is, an opportunity to show my work and make connections. The latter hasn't happened yet. I wonder if there is a down town business association... maybe they would reply to an artists inquiry about the best way to approach arts walk? It'd be interesting to hear their response any way! They could share with each other, and other business owners the advantages of hosting an artist, and see if more places would consider showing local work.

Enough! I'm off.