Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh my it's been almost 2 months since my last post!

I had a computer burn out and have a new to me rebuilt box but it is way too slow... I will be getting back in touch with the person who was able to save all my hard drive data to this one to see if we can get the speed up to what I need. Also haven't been able to upload images from my camera... pout!

I have been keeping busy! I pieced a Solstice Altar cloth. It has several pentascopes (my term for kaleidoscopic elements made with 5 repeats in the stack and slash technique) of an awesome fabric of celestial images on a black background.

I have been working on bead embellishments for new piece called Greenman of Autumn. I originally considered incorporating this idea in the Solstice altar cloth as the Greenman of Autumn wins the battle to reign this half of the coming year. I want it to represent the power the Oak King holds in gathered strength as sap returns to the roots and of his acorns quietly waiting the warmth of spring. The bead elements have taken on a life of their own! I have several elements that are beaded on wire, oak leaves, fir branches, holly leaves, and ivy, more of each still to make. There are acorn charms, red beads for holly berries, as well as potential mistletoe leaves and berries still to incorporate. I haven't quilted it yet and not sure if I want to do that by machine or hand when I incorporate the embellishments... decisions, decisions, decisions! I did realize recently it will need to be mounted on a board or with perhaps several layers of interfacing with a reinforced hanging mechanism as the embellishments are going to weigh a ton! I hope this piece will hang on either in continual progress or only put aside for brief interludes of work on other projects. It would be good to finish before the Summer Solstice!

I participated in my first Juried Show/Sale hosted by Friends of the Olympia Timberland Libraryon December 11th. I would say it was a great success, having sold a larger piece, "Ground Water" to a colleague quite unexpectantly, as well as a few smaller items. It has encouraged me to consider entering other local juried shows... now where did I save that application with the dates... glad my hard drive was recovered! Only have to remember where I put it!

I have enjoyed the 4 day weekend hanging out with Conan. The coming work week ought be relatively slow considering the majority of people consider this vacation time!

I have sorted and compiled a stack of my unfinished projects, hope to work on several of these before starting anything major. I am hosting 2 challenges, one for the EAST Team, and one for the Pagan Team on Etsy! I can be a bit of an over achiever! The Greenman will work for one, if it get's completed in time. The other will likely be a table topper altar cloth in reflection of Imbolc the half quarter celebration of Bridget the Celtic Goddess, also known as Saint Bridget, though she was de-canonized when the Vatican thought she was too pagan.

Looking back through this post could i have used any more exclamation points? It is my most abused punctuation! I want everything I say to have energy, :), and I'm not going to edit them out. I hope to get the ability to upload images again soon.

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