Friday, July 24, 2009

Quilter's Newsletter Magazine!

Woo Hoo! My quilt, The Butterfly's Friend is published on the Reader's Quilt Show pages (specifically p.33!) of the August/September issue of QNM! I am pretty excited to say the least! It has been a long wait. They requested the quilt for a photo shoot last spring after having seen it hang in Houston during the Fabled Fibers Exhibit at the International Quilt Fest! I am excited they also mentioned Operation Kid Comfort, and on the Extra Credit page (p.89!) they noted to see more of my work visit! Potential for national exposure! Certainly inspires me to get to work!
It was a fun project! Inspired by a challenge on there are a lot of galleries posted there of challenges! Check it out!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Designing day dreams

I have been playing with ideas in my head lately. Water, ocean ideas abound. The Tacoma quilt show Innovations ( ) is coming up in September (deadline to apply/enter is in July) and I have 3 more of the series I used one of to enter last year. I've been thinking of taking one out and quilting it in response to the judge's comments from last year... a positive growth experience. The latest encouragement for this idea comes from an Etsy street team challenge from the Etsy FAST Team = Fiber Arts Street Team, a group of fiber artists who have shops on Etsy.
Our team page:

This team hosts monthly challenges you can follow on Etsy, an index is available on the FAST Blog:

The July Challenge is 'Splashing Fun in the Summer' so the connection to completing a second in this series of 4 quilts is a fun playground. I don't know if there is enough pull for me to get to it by the Tacoma deadline, but I have a longer range if I complete one and list it on Etsy. I can use the julychallenge tag into August a bit if needed. It is fun to play with ideas in my head! I should pick one of the remaining in the series and hang it on the design wall in the kitchen! Here is an image of the 4 pieces in the series, before one was completed last year. The finished one is available in the Etsy Shop, you can see it on the right in my Etsy mini! All the fabric, except the solid borders, is hand dyed by me.

I still have the desire to make myself complete one more table/altar cloth pentagon a week, but I would settle for one a month at this junction! That is a good goal! We shall see what happens. More and more to do... a good thing.