Donation Quilts

These are quilts I have donated over the years.
"Winds of change"

This quilt is based on an seasonal pattern from several years ago, and is approximately 38" square. I used the quilt as an opportunity to practice and learn needleturn applique. I struggled with the final quilting and only recently finished the hand quilting. I added a few beads to emphasize the wind.

I donated this quilt to a raffle for my OUUC's annual auction. 

"Storm at Sea, Tides Out"

The storm at sea is one of my favorite traditional quilt patterns.

I ‘accidentally’ created the purple lightening pattern when I was experimenting with painting fabric, it seemed perfect to combine with the sea side fabric I had recently dyed/painted with coffee grounds. (The coffee grounds projects are a result of a QuiltArt challenge – Grounds for Change, I have made several pieces where the coffee represents sand or ‘ground’ and blue acrylic paint mixed with textile medium is added for the water effect.)

I had the traditional storm at sea pattern jump in and I created it with fused fabric that I had hand painted in various shades of blue. The solid border fabrics are the only non-original fabrics!

It is layered with a high loft batting, it was an experiment as I have been using only a low loft (1/4 inch) cotton batting for some time and had found this left over high loft and wondered what effect it would have. The results are a lot of movement and shadowing making the image more realistic!

Rather than a traditional binding I have edged the piece with a variegated yarn in shades of purple, accenting the ‘storm’, combined with the nautical trim in the border creates a unique overall presentation!

This piece is one in a series of 4 ‘storm at sea’ pieces. The other 3 are waiting my return for surface design and embellishment. There is no telling when they will push themselves to the front of the line in my studio, as I have other projects swarming ahead at the moment!

22 X 22 inches, original hand dyed/painted fabrics, commercial cottons for the borders, raw edge applique, machine quilted, hand embellished with various sea side items, I hand knotted the little glass float tangled in the seaweed!

This quilt is equipped with a traditional 4 inch double hanging sleeve.

Inspiration for this piece came from the EtsyFast Team (Fiber Art Street Team) April Challenge - Storms, though I wasn't able to complete it by the end of the month! The muse is still enjoying the journey! As I said above there are 3 others that will now swirl around in search of design elements, hopefully one or more will show up some day.

Forget Me Not
Donated to Procession of the Species, the batik was created in the Procession Art studio.