Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In My Image Maiden, Mother, Crone

I decided to no longer wait for the challenge this quilt was made for to get posted on line. I listed it this morning in my Etsy shop, you can see it in the side bar to the right, and I am going to try to upload a larger image for the blog. Just in case the girl sells and she isn't in the side bar any longer! That or I have listed new stuff and she would be further down the page on my Etsy shop.

This quilt was made in response to a challenge, SOST, "The Sisterhood of Saggy Tits" from an online quilt forum I belong to. Unfortunately it has been many months since we all finished our pieces and sent the images and artists statements to the coordinator and we are still waiting for the challenge to be posted. My decision was both economically motivated and just wanting to show it off. I have refrained from posting images or listing it as I thought it would have more impact if viewers could go to the site where the other challenge pieces were listed. Also, due to the unique subject matter it would make a bigger impact.

I have also been making and listing more of the Trees Outside My Window series. One sold and 5 others are now listed in my shop!

I have yet to bind the 2 'nearly' finished pieces. Miss ADD decided to work on ACEOs as I have sold several in the last week and can see it might be a good 'production piece' as each is truly unique, the similarity being only the size 2.5 X 3.5 inches.

I am going to go get a few things done before the day job yanks me out of the house!

My daughter will be here this weekend for winter break, nearly a full month! I am very excited! She often has a 'project' in mind for us to work on. I'm not sure if there is one this year, but no doubt we'll have time to come up with one!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Too little time....

I have been keeping myself a bit busy! The emotional stresses of the season are in full swing. I am keeping the 'monsters' at bay as much as possible, but it does interfere with my creativity and my ability to get as much accomplished as I would like! I have finished Conan's queen size machine quilted snowflakes quilt! It is big enough to cover his toes! That took a lot of energy & time!

I finished and submitted the EPU:2 piece,
It is also the image I used for my free gift 'sample note card' being sold in The Little Black Box, which goes on sale December 5! Check it out, a very cool idea! I am hoping to see an increase in traffic through my store, we shall see.

I have also invested with another web site that does hosting of e-shops. There are a lot of awesome artists being represented there! Check it out!
Browse by category - Art in the left margin to see my ad! I also am listed in the Arcade as well as The Holiday Shopping Village!

The Design Style Guide is another web based 'shopping mall' for interior design items, last post I neglected to post a link so here it is!
I don't have a profile image there, not sure how to go about it yet and not taken the time... the elusive time...

I have sewn about 12 more holiday theme table toppers with poinsettias as pentescopes, 5 sided stack & slash pentagons. several are layered ready to quilt. Two are quilted ready to bind and I haven't had the energy to finish them. That is this weekends project!

I best go to work or I won't have funds to keep making the stuff I love!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pagans Of Etsy Street Team - Samhain Sale!!


Pagans of Etsy Street Team known as POEST (search the tag "pagan team") is hosting a pre-Samhain Sale!

As a member I am offering 15% off any item tagged "paganhalloween". Look for Autumn colorways.Samhain, as I recognize it, is the Pagan New Year, when the veil between the worlds thins, and being aware of the reality that we are all 'one,' we,meaning those of similar belief, gather to honor our beloved dead, welcome the new life the year has brought, and reflect on what we chose to carry forward as the wheel turns.Please contact me and I will edit your selections' price to reflect the 15% discount, re post as reserved and notify you. If not paid for within 2 days the item will be re listed at its full price and no longer be reserved. As a promotion with a limited time frame I am sure you can understand my not wanting to tie up my inventory.
Namaste, PeggySue

The above announcement appears on my Etsy site,

There are 11 items that respond if you search my shop for 'paganhalloween' but there will be many more unique, handmade items with the tag, 'paganhalloween' in a search of all tags!

It would be nice if this sale was as successful as the last one I participated in with Eathpath Artisans Street Team, search 'east team' on Etsy!

I have finished and listed several table topper altar cloths. There are several left to complete, but no more autumn themed ones. The others can wait in line until I finish EPU: II!

I also listed the Silver Birch ACEO, perhaps an attempt to bring the rest of the series to my productive radar! All that is left is hand sewing on the rest!

EPU: II is progressing well design wise! Now to spend the time doing the hand work! I am planning on hand embroidering the photo transfer image to augment the machine quilting. I have selected the potential beads and baubles to include in the macrame' fringe that will bring the entry to the required 14 X 14 inches.

I made a couple little tote bags out of a single fat quarter and listed them in my shop as well. I am considering adding to the listing that they could be excellent reusable treat bags if trick-or-treating is a part of their tradition. Or perhaps I will make some specifically for Halloween, but I doubt the time frame will work, too soon!

I have listed Yoni, that took guts! But not too many views yet! But it is one of those things that take time.

I have joined Design Style Guide, a unique site for interior designers looking for a specific thing, they can search for unique quality art work, not just wall art! I have 8 open rotation spots for listing items! Hopefully it wont consume too much more of my time to maintain and it will bring exposure to a professional level clientele.

Well, I best get things in motion!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Rainbow Weaving Leaving Goddesses~

Keep up, just keep up!

A good piece of advice, although I am not sure who I am keeping up with!

Arts Walk came and went. I did not sell anything, a few people took my new business card, very awesomely done by Avatar Man on Etsy, check out his work!

Very talented graphic artist!

I completed 2 of several table topper/altar cloths and listed them for the Spirited Autumn Event on Etsy, EAST Team promotional. One sold, along with several other pieces from my shop last week! Feels pretty good, people purchasing my work! We shall see if this is a new trend or a blip in my radar!

I, in my obsessive compulsive manner, have several, 12 actually, table topper/altar cloth mini quilts that are not finished. I had planned on making double sided pieces. Then after all the piecing, even for the less detailed ones, I decided it would be fine to make the other side of these a single fabric, keeping the reversible nature but also emphasising the work that goes into a pieced design as the 'front.' All the remaining 12 are pentagons, some with kaleidoscope centers others with whole cloth centers. They will stay in the front seat of get it done projects! Many are fall autumn themed, good for Thanksgiving tables, others are generic, and 2 are Ostara fabric! The tops are all done, now I am layering and quilting. I am using cotton corduroy for the 'batting' it makes a nice thin and smooth topper so that things wont tip over on them from being bumpy! I brought all this corduroy home from Florida, not sure it will make it into clothes now! I like this use! Although it does dust up my machine when quilting...

The bargello table runner was listed as my submission for the September challenge on Etsy for the Fiber Artists Street Team, FAST Team. The theme was 'harvest'. October's challenge is 'candy', not sure what will fit there. I was brainstorming and ran across the idea of making a fabric bowl or two, to hold candy, could be holiday themed fabrics or just unique. I'll have to see if I can get this idea to fruition! I want to make it a pentacle design, I am interested to see how it might work out!

My QuiltArt EPU:II challenge piece is coming together well, in my head! ( I am looking forward to seeing it come out! It is due 10/25, seems like a lot of time! We all know how that goes! It has to have a photo transfer element and I have selected one of my batiks as the focal image. The actual piece is over 36" square so it will be fun to work with the image scaled down. There is a size limit of 14"square on this challenge. I purchased several pieces of special fabric to run through my printer, now I have the option to print another of my batiks and use it as the foundation for an additional challenge,for the Etsy Pagan Team, Elements, due 10/10.... not too far in the future so may stay a dream! :) I hope to get the images printed today. Then I could work on the elements challenge as a warm up to the EPU piece, we shall see. (

I am still determining the Black Box submission, whether to be a variety of note cards or a single image. I am considering the possibility of self printing on to card stock that will only need folding no gluing to be finished, I will see if it is cost effective.

I have finished one of the Trees outside my Window ACEOs, haven't listed it yet.

There are several journal covers I don't have listed either, need to locate pics and get that done soon also, seems silly not to. I am sure inventory helps sales!

I am trying to not buy too much additional fabric! I picked up a black on black and a solid black to potentially use for a Samhain altar cloth, but I am having a hard time seeing the design... that tells me to not purchase any more fabric until my brain has a clearer idea to work with ! The newest project, the table topper/altar cloth quilts are an excellent way to utilize some design elements I have hanging around, like the multitude of kaleidoscopes I made back when I was working on the Remember Me challenge! Also other orphan blocks could find a home!. The backs use a bit of fabric also, so some of those purchases of 'wow that's cheap' on sale quality fabric with less than stunning patterns will no doubt find a way to get used too!

I finished the mini rainbow weaving goddesses! I will post an image here!

Then I am off to rest my knee (giving me fits the past few days) and get a bit done!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Spirited Autumn Event!

Get ready for The Spirited Autumn Event! From Monday, September 22nd (the Fall Equinox) until Monday, October 6, Members of Etsy's Earthpath Artisans Street Team are offering special promotions on selected items in their shops. The event focuses on Fall Themed and Magical items, just in time for Halloween! Search Etsy using the TSAE tag to find participating items.

I am excited about this 'event' on Etsy! One of the Street Teams (a group of artists who share common interests) is hosting a promotion to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox! This is my favorite time of year and the one I most align myself with! I have made several pieces expressing the awesomeness of fall foliage in the past and I still have a huge stash of fall colors waiting to become another display of color! I grew up in New England and miss the trees when they say, "See ya next year!"

I have a piece waiting to be finished this weekend so I can post and list it by Monday! I have such high goals! This particular piece has bee waiting for the next phase - quilting/embellishing - for several years! I think it is ready to make itself known! Here's hoping I get it all quilted and listed!

... eventually I will catch up! But not likely! Too many ideas jumping around in my head!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Purple Patch!

I support AAQI (Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative) and have donated priority quilts to be auctioned to raise funds for Alzheimer research! To raise awareness on World Alzheimer's Day which is coming up on September 21st, I am displaying the 'purple patch' you see in my right side bar! Julia is a friend of mine who has been dealing with this disease since I met her. Her husband, Les, has been supported by family and friends, but it is a grueling day to day task. I also have a good friend who's mother is plagued with Alzheimer's as well. Her family has been impacted in a way few people understand who do not have close experience with this disease.

To learn more about AAQI visit:

There are quilts available for purchase. Please share your awareness of this devastating disease, we all need to support each other when we face life changing circumstances!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big step for me!

Okay, I really did it! Yesterday was the deadline for entering the Innovations Quilt Show being held in Taccoma, Washington the begining of October -

It is the first puplic quilting venue I have entered... yeah me! It is a machine quilters conference. It is not a jurried show, something I am reluctant to enter as it is expensive and I don't make my pieces to meet a set of standards against which to be judged compared to other contemporary artist.

The quilts selected by the pannel of highly qualified in their own art and techniqe individuals who I admire the work of are not always those I would have identified as prize/recognition candidates. That is probably the thing about Innovations that attracted me, it is peer judged. Everyone who attends is given a vote, and the winners recieve the prizes.

Then there was the lure of:

"Cash prized will be awarded to winning quilts. More details about the cash awards will be posted at a later date. "

I haven't seen any updates to this statement, but it isn't about how much any way! $50 would cover the gas it's going to take to deliver it, pick it up, and hopefully attend one day in the middle! That's going to be 3 round trips to Taccoma...I could take the bus... perhaps this time I will, not as long a ride as to Seattle. There is a little more insentive to attend this as well, I'm hanging in it!

One day I will have a more versitile machine quilting 'system' than my home machine... that will be fun! It will add the fluidity of painting to the quilting phase!

Work has been interesting. I am in the throes of an extremely steep learning curve (can you say hit the wall) and it is an energy strain/drain on me. It is good to be learning, just intense! I am getting better at fitting in my art in the evenings... keeps me ever so much more content!

Speaking of which, I am going to go get a few projects under way!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catch up

I have been having a difficult time taking the time to update this blog! I keep writing the posts in my head and never getting here to type them! Then I feel like I already did it, and so much has changed it would be a whole new post anyway... blah, blah! All good excuses but bad reasons!

So, what's new? I finally was able to get the Gypsy Rose lap/couch quilt as well as another crib/lap size Blocks in Red and Black, actually pin basted! I needed to stay after work to use the big tables, but have been just too tired for weeks! Finally I worked a Saturday and felt like I could actually get it done! Now comes the quilting, I have been playing with design ideas for the quilting. I often change my mind a bunch as I brainstorm. We shall see how long it takes these quilts to yell loudly before I get to them!

I have made progress on my ACEO tree series, it is a lot of time and energy to make the trees, but I am enjoying it. Not sure I will use this design element on the bigger one, very tedious and detailed work that would not showcase well on the larger piece with out a significantly different set of fibers, ones the variations could be seen from a distance!

I have also begun to bead an awesome Goddess design element on a set of Rainbow weaving post card sized pieces! These are going to be fun! I have 2 of 6 complete!

The following link is to my Gypsy Rose ACEO series 'How to tutorial.' It was fun to write up!

I am also beginning o focus energy on a new promotional coming for the Etsy Team EAST (Earthpath Artisans Street Team) for this Equinox celebration I'll post more on this another time!

I must be off, work demands and all!

Friday, August 15, 2008

so much to do ... so little time!

Been a busy week, lots of ups and downs with work, energy, creativity. But, I think I am on the upswing.

I have the 2 current lap/crib size quilts ready to layer and get the quilting started. The pin basting is the hardest part for me, strains my body!

I have decided it is okay to stop the bigger pieces of work and make a few small things to feel like am getting to be creative. I have realized there is a lot more opportunity to see the variety of pieces my brain needs to see happen if I make say, a series of ACEOs, my current 'item,' it was previously pins/brooches or post cards!! I helps eliminate the challenge I have when it takes so long to get the utility size quilts and the larger wall art I have previously made, to completion. I have always liked having several pieces in the working stage, mostly as I get bogged down in the amount of energy and time one of the larger pieces takes to reach the inner view I see for that piece!

On that note I am currently working on a new ACEO series using some scraps from the Gypsy Rose, who by the way is one of the ones on the short list! This new series is interestingly enough a combination of the color way of Gypsy Rose (very narrowed) and the design element of Blocks Inside My Box (in the attic window application of tumbling blocks, a traditional quilt pattern). I am sewing into the lower sill's seam a collection of fibers that will be woven together and embellished with a variety of things in a representation of trees outside my window! This is a small application of an design idea I have had for years (there is a quilt that has been waiting those many years, to have this applied!). I am excited to see how it works in miniature, and if it is fun enough to add to the ~25" equilateral pentagon I have waiting for it! If not .. I will know before I start on a much larger more time intensive application and have to finish because I started it (albeit not necessarily for years!). This may well be the reason behind the hesitancy to get that work started!

I am doing my best to not jump on the challenges I know are going on! I want to finish a bunch of stuff I have, the lager pieces, and get to feeling like I have the time, space, and permission (needed from myself) to continue to start 'new' pieces! I'll be able to locate scraps from most of these larger pieces to make a small series of 'something' as I work! Maybe the smaller items could be challenge responses... like the Gypsy Rose ACEO series was.

Well, I am always brainstorming the next 'thing' I'm hoping for some quick, fun, item I like to make will start to sell at Arts Walk this Fall. Though I know there are limited sales made at Arts Walk for all the artists. Heavy Sigh! I am still waiting to be 'discovered'! Isn't that every artists narcissistic tendency that keeps us moving forward? I can't be the only one who feels this way! (isn't that a line from a song?)

I am off today but must work tomorrow. Looking forward to getting a lot done this weekend still! There are items I could photograph and get listed on Etsy too... So much... It's good to be busy!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just keep swimming...

Last weekend I picked up a small figurine of 'Dori" one of my most admired of animated characters~ she now sits on my desk at work to remind me it is a matter of just keep moving, progressing through the stuff to do at work as well as life in general! So, a busy work week, but progress at some rate on several 'projects!"

Gypsy Rose is on her second border treatment, I'm thinking one more and I will be ready to layer/baste/quilt! Recently I have been viewing several quilts on Etsy that are comparable to the size and utility I am anticipating for Gypsy Rose. Good market research and I'm getting a feel for the potential price range I can entertain! Several sellers wash and dry the utility quilts, an idea I was considering for personal assurance it would withstand the use, more an affirmation than a question of it's potential! As well as an assurance to the buyer it will withstand use, as it is being sold as a functional work of art.There are several quilt tops in the 'stash' I am playing with in my head to see where the quilting design will take me so they too, can get in line for 'de-stashing', my current personal goal. I have (probably said this already, too) recently set up my New Home machine, which was a gift several years ago, in it's own cabinet, bringing the 'arm' even with the table top... yeah I had to have discussed this with Nolan's quilt! The point of the bird walk, to note the exploration of machine quilting as a design element that will enhance the longevity of a quilt is a fun place to brainstorm in my busy, busy brain! The encouragement of a more quality product being offered consumers is a positive projection of customer appreciation!

However I must admit I purchased several yards of fabric this past week. The coordinates were just too inviting and full of awesome potential! All designed by Dan Morris, his 'What's your sign?' and 'Sky's the limit' series. They just so happen to coordinate quite well with the 2 Robert Kaufman 'stargazers' prints I have in both blue and black colorways! I have been running with the throw quilt size as a kick start point for a few smaller functional/collectible art pieces as a matter of design process for a while, all the way back to the Hexagon series from 1999-2000 projects! I am sooo presumptuous. Just keep swimming, swimming!

No progress on my new dress, still unsure of which traditional block I want to use. I suppose it will settle down and decide some day! LOL Some gatherings of fabric I have done for projects in the past survive long enough to become that item Others however get pulled away for a more immediate application. This no doubt reinforces the need to collect an amazing amount of fabrics in a wondrous variety! Too, funny, but true! I have continued to collect fabrics for a 'project' that is long finished! Blue and whites, Autumn, Paisley only a few that I am always looking for ... my available palette is obviously then full the the colors, and designs I love in combination the most. No doubt what leads one to have a personal style of their own to some degree. I have an inordinate amount of unfinished pieces that are a rainbow combination similar to the border used on 'Iris' and in other variations! These will, and are working their way to the front seat. Most if not all of my projects that are in the 'wall' and other non standard applications of quilting genre have their roots in a larger piece of quilt design that has been halted for one reason or another.

Hum.. I get the feeling I am repeating myself. Is it possible I am saying it again as I have in my previous posts speaking to my application of scraps, colorways, etc.? Heavy sigh, well there is a lot to be said about realizing your telling the 'same story' over again! If I'm going to be narcissistic I better be aware enough to not apply the same evidence on too many repeat occasions!

I called the Intercity Transit trip planner this morning and can get from home to the Seattle Convention and Trade Center (actually approx a 2 block walk from) in 2 hrs 15 min for $7. I am entertaining taking the bus to spend the afternoon at the PNQF! The return trips, the last two depart at 4:38 or 6:38, probably a max of 3 blocks from the Center. I'll have to drive to the Transit Center and leave my car downtown for the day, but Sunday parking is free down town. And the transit worker said she parks her car in the vicinity and has never had an issue. Geeze, think I've covered all the bases! I am cautious about the amount of walking I will put myself through if I chose to go, a significant decision... okay, I think I have wandered far enough off the quilting train into transportation! (trains of thought weave their way together of their own accord on occasion!)

Enough playing with words! I think it would be a blast to go to the quilt show, even alone! Not something I would have entertained 5 years ago... interesting!

I am still knitting. I've finished 3 pieces, yet to sew final seam but am thinking I will decide if it is to be something and what later! I'm in the just make it, it's quite meditative and at the moment I am in need of such distraction. I am off to get a few things underway!

Bright Blessings!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Too Tired to Muse

I have had a very busy few weeks at work! It is a great thing I love my job! However, I don't love when it limits the time I have to play with fabric!

When my energy level goes down limits my ability to play with my textile/quilting/beading projects and I can get bogged down in inertia, then nothing I have 'in progress' will talk to me, and new stuff wants to crowd in on design time, but not move to fruition 'cause ... you guessed it (!) I'm too tired!

In the last month I did accomplish completing and listing my 'full' submission to the Etsy EAST Street Team (Earthpath Artisans Street Team, search East Team on Etsy) Gypsy Challenge! I have listed all 12 ACEOs in the Gypsy Rose series in my Etsy shop! (Link in side bar!)

When the doldrums's hit I found myself wandering in a local $ store (retail therapy!), I picked up several skeins of inexpensive 'fun fur' type yarn for possible application in future projects. They were very unique looking and soft. The latter not being a necessary consideration for my textile art (unless I use it for future meditation focus dolls or items... humm, once again, brain storm is never ending! LOL); I found myself wandering to an activity I did for years, but haven't done in years!! Knitting! So I indulged in the fondling of fun fur and knit a single scarf from one skein. I have always followed a pattern in the past but I want to mess around a bit now. Going to make a few single skein length and sew them each into mobius strips. They look nice over neck once and even more unique and fun turned to wrap twice! So I will build an inventory of scarves. Odd as I did not ever see myself going there. But it is a perfect use of my time while having a regular night out for pizza and a movie with friends! Much easier than bringing the beading along, less complicated and I can get a bunch more done! Less focused energy needed in the current knitting projects. It will be my endeavor to not follow a pattern again, to any more of a degree than general dimensions, perhaps. Following a pattern, much like with cross stitch, is a very specific and focused way of expressing myself by only executing an other's designs. Many, many hours of restful, therapeutic enjoyment on hand work that was intended for gifts and personal use has given me the skills and confidence, no doubt, to express myself the way I do. I'm unsure of what will be done with the scarves, they seem like nice gifts though! And I could sell them at the Fall Arts Walk as another of my 'creations'. We shall see!

Anyway, I have finally decided on the next border application for Gypsy Rose in Blue, it sure took long enough! I have the strips cut and I'll get them applied as soon as I get myself off this confounded box!

My June Challenge for Etsy FAST (Fiber Artist Street Team, search EtsyFAST Team) themed - Heroes, though not completed in time to 'post' as an entry, has begun the beading, still in progress. I am enjoying playing with design element in my head! :)

I have selected a pallet of fabrics for the inset of a new dress I am designing with Fabric my mom sent home with me! I made a new dress with one length of fabric (a nice seersucker plaid in mint greens) my mom sent home and got the 'nice' comments at work! I have also finished a 'unique' dress with a bargello front piece and an odd skirt. Conan's input: "It would be okay to wear to like say, a Ritual or an outing, you know, with friends. I don't think it's work attire." [or something very similar, he is very capable if telling me exact wording.] My very observant son! I did tell him that if I hadn't questioned the work wear ability I wouldn't have necessarily have asked him and I appreciated his input! I am currently considering deconstructing the dress and making it into something else! :)

I am still thinking destash my inventory of unfinished projects, at least a few! However, now that I have allowed myself the indigence of knitting, and clothing construction (Note how I discuss in terms NOT connected to my 'textile/fiber art', *smile* then It isn't breaking my purpose!)

I added a new RSS feed to the side bar, directing visitors to Etsy. I think it may be a promotional potential as it has something to do with increasing Google search bot to pick up etsy for handmade goods, I think! So it can increase traffic to etsy and potentially then my shop. Seems like a long shot, but I am committed to put some time in to promoting myself, I think it is the necessary energy drain to get me work selling so I can buy what ever materials I want to play with ! SMILE - my true motivation for selling my wares in the first place! :)

Okay, I'm off to play!

Bright Lammas Blessings to all, may your harvests be bountiful!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


We have had an entire week of sun here in the South Sound, Puget Sound, Pacific North West, to be more, (or would it be less?), specific! I do enjoy the sun, the heat is another aside but manageable! Warm nights, with long light, are an energy source I miss from the summers in Fairbanks!

Nolan has arrived! A sweet little guy, 6lbs. 8oz. I believe! I will wait a few days or a week and see if he visits us at work before I visit. I decided he was too new for me to rush in and hold when he only just left being held and in constant contact with mom! No wonder babies want to be held, all the time is seems, but it was! My support for paternity leave, guess who is best holding him the other hours of the day for a few days? Oops, off focus into political/personal opinion territory! LOL So conclusion, I will deliver the quilt another day, or give it to her when she visits work, it would be fun to have pictures of it!

The Gypsy Rose has been working, late into the evenings... and I believe I am making progress! The blue paisley element has expanded nicely, and I am still considering including the fabric (one at least!) that I specifically went out and purchased for this quilt! But if not, those elements will show up somewhere else, just like Rose!

I am also contemplating another 'set' of Rose ACEOs with the leavings from the blue paisley element that was added after July 4! It is big enough of a print that a great variety of designs will be possible! I love brainstorming!

There are 3 more rose elements I am considering. Do I go ahead and make a sister quilt using them when Gypsy Rose is moved on to the quilting phase? Or do I make 3 more pieces using each as the center creating wall art, or functional art. I just saw the possibilities if I were to say yes to 3 different applications as I wouldn't be limited to the color/design elements of Gypsy Rose, it isn't as if the leavings from her won't end up somewhere else! And I have so many nice fabrics to choose from! My mother sent me home from Florida with about 15 yards from her 'stash' of fabrics people keep giving her because they know she sews! LOL Some of this yardage will make it into clothes! Last night I picked up a skirt & pant pattern at the Goodwill for 99 cents! I am anxious to get a few things made, can I consider this destashing? If I do it feeds into the July Etsy Fast destashing challenge!

However, it does not address the 'not start anything new' aspect of my personal destashing challenge now does it? Humm... I will have to ponder that!

I am off to see what I can finish today! Blessings to all!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long Week, limited results...

It has been a long week or so for me!

I have finished Nolan's quilt. I need to get the labeling done, and deliver it. I am kind of waiting for him to arrive so I can get to visit him, and say hello early on! I love babies! They are so 'there' :)

I was able to step aside from my initial Gypsy Challenge piece, a large pentagon kaleidoscope sort of thing, and apply the 'leavings' from cutting out all the pieces of the 'mother' quilt! I have made a series of 12 ACEOs (Art Card Editions and Originals - They are all fused, using a technique idea I gleaned from a conversation with a friend! I have kept a photo journal of the process and plan to post one day when I finish the series! So presumptuous of me! :)

The first ACEO is finished and listed as an entry in the Etsy Earthpath Artisans Gypsy Challenge!

Vote here -

There are numerous wonderful works of art in a wide variety of mediums, truly look at them all! It will be your challenge to pick just one! :)

You can see them all here - - Enjoy!

I did not get my Hero's challenge done in June, but it is still very much on the front burner (of which I have more than your average stove!). I am focusing my July challenge energy on the EtsyFAST Team - Fiber Artist Street Team theme, De stashing! My goal is to complete as many Works in Progress to completed stage as possible Then I will select one to list as the challenge entry! FAST does not host voting as of yet, but it is fun to search the tags on Etsy and see all the awesome work! Try 'junechallenge' or last month's - 'maychallenge' the theme was storms!

I have redesigned my Mini Etsy to be in the left side bar, displaying some of my work. I am trying to see if I can do a mini with just the EAST challenge entries, but I have had enough of computers for today! I will save that for another.

I am working on the Gypsy Rose today! Blessings to all!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mini Etsy

At the foot of the blog there is now a Mini Etsy of my Shop - Cobaltquilter's Corner! It may demonstrate the ability to post the EAST Gypsy Challenge on the blog, if it can accommodate all the listings, and if everyone lists their entry.

I have finally begun to machine quilt Nolan's tumbling blocks quilt. I resisted it for ever, to the point of cleaning and putting my machine in a cabinet (I have been putting that one off for months!) so I would feel confident enough to be content with my Machine Quilting. I plan on getting the whole thing complete and delivered by tomorrow afternoon!

My Heros Challenge for Etsy FAST June Challenge has begun the embelishing stage! Yeah! Hope that will go quickly as I would love to post it on June 30th.

My Gypsy Challenge is expanding, I picked up 2 coordinating fabrics yesterday, on sale (pretty much the most common way I purchase fabric). I am toying with making a lap sized couch quilt for a change of pace! I loved 'building' Nolan's quilt and can see a lot of room for design play in the way my GYpsy challenge was moving in my head!

Still messing with Destashing ideas for the July Etsy FAST challenge. So many unfinished projects in a huge variety of stages and genre!! Too fun, but distracting!

I am looking forward to a productive/fun weekend!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Slide Show

Well, I decided it would be cool to play show and tell with the slide show feature! I will spend some time in the next few days figuring out how to use it!

Very busy week, Nearly finished with a baby quilt for a friend, I will also be working on how to post pictures for show and tell and if the feature is seperate from slide show.

It is my goal to work out how to post a 'voting' feature for specific images on the Etsy Earthpath Artisans Street Team Blogspot for our current Gypsy Challenge.

So much to learn, so little time! I suspect this falls in the realm of self promotional time, well spent.

Now I need to go promote self health and work in my studio!

Bright Blessings!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Trying out the poll feature

Okay, this poll is specifically for members of Esty Street Team EAST. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

EASTies, let me know if you think the poll at the bottom of the page will work for us. I will post a link to the Flicker page for viewing the entries and have an 'answer' for each entry so people can vote.

I will see how many of the people think it will work by limiting the vote on this question to 6/20 then I can work on getting the poll for the challenge listed.

Hope to hear from a bunch of you!

Catch up

I have been spending the last week catching up! I was out of town on a family emergency for 2 weeks and life has a way of going on with out you but requiring you pick up the pieces!

Besides the day to day stuff, I have been working on a June "heroes" challenge for Etsy FAST Street Team. It is a aprox. 20" X 40" bargello depicting the 'Star Spangled Banner' and still in need of borders and embellishment!

I have also been seriously brainstorming for the etsy EAST Street Team challenge, "Gypsy." Currently I plan on using a few elements I created for the QA 'Remember Me' challenge when I made kaleidoscope 'stars' (pentagons) from a ton of different fabrics looking for the elements to use in that challenge! You can see the results here :
it is about half way down the page.

To add to the fun I am trying to get a baby quilt made for a co-worker who's shower is Sunday! There are not enough hours in my day!

I listed a set of hexagon "Hexes" on etsy this weekend. They are the result of using the leavings from the bed sized quilts I made in 2000. I kept the scraps together and each one brings back the memories of making the mother quilt! A fun experience for me. I have had intentions to continue this series, but 6 years later I have moved on to other projects. I may return, we will see!

I am off to explore the options on Blogger, wish me luck in figuring out the best way to post the EAST challenge!

Bright Blessings to all!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well, I finally joined Blogger, thought I'd try my hand at consistent public profile! I am not one for 'journaling' on a consistent basis, so I will post as the muse moves me! I am going to try and keep this blog more specifically work related (my art work) rather than tons of personal information.

I am offering my work for sale on Etsy :

I am currently working on completing a few unfinished projects as well as the EAST Team etsy Earthpath Artisans street team challenge "Gypsy", deadline July 4th! My brain has been swirling like a Gypsy's skirt! Most likely how the muse will express itself!

I am a bit of a 'talker' once I get started, but will attempt to limit my ramblings to textile art related topics. No guarantee's however! As I said, I tend to ramble.

I have also joined so as to figure out how Blogger works so EAST Team can post it's Gypsy Challenge for voting, good thing I have some time!