Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fianlly listed a new item in my Etsy Store!

It has certainly taken me long enough to list the Purple and Green Fantasy Furniture! I struggled with the mini quilt, wanting to use a previously constructed pentagon from the fabric used for the walls of the bed chamber! I have several made when I was designing the "Remember Me" quilt I have posted about previously and is on line at . However I had to make a new one to fit! The others were too big!
Anyway, the listing is here:

A fun set, very royal feeling!

I have made progress on the Blue and White doodling 4 poster bed as well! I have secured the 'mattress' and am searching for the linen it wants. I have several blue and white candidates but none say, "Ta da! It's me!" yet! and I'm unsure if a draping of beads between the posts that has been running through my head will come to be or not... strange way to design a project no doubt. When the right fabric and time are there it will no doubt make itself known!

You can see a portion of my studio's chaos in the background! I am finally actually working within my space again. I am only partially finished with the reorganizing begun weeks ago but the progress is helpful! The project under the blue and white bed is one I finally made progress on! It is a three layer applique' of a mountain that once trimmed (I used the reverse applique' or mola technique) demanded I bead it, it may prevent it's completion by a date I would like it to ... the way my muse operates! I am going to combine it with an element I made a year or so ago when working on the quilt project I did with a friends first grade class. The eagle is made with the raw edge fused applique technique, it is still waiting for it's quilting/embellishment but ideas are going through the design viewer recently! The background sky fabric is fabric I painted and manipulated. Fun to see it in context of the eagle!

The shadow or actually lighter background is a piece of freezer paper ironed to the back for stabilizing the fusing. The sky hints at the Alaskan blue I have seldom seen elsewhere. The hints of pink and purple hard to see and describe.

Well, I didn't get to any table toppers yet, and the Solstice bags are still loud but not loud enough to get under my scissors or needle! I must get on with the tasks at hand. Oh, the yard is calling as well! The iris are in bloom, beside the bright yellow day lillies! Enjoy the energy of Summer!

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