Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miniatures finally listed on Etsy!

I have been trying to remember what sparked the start of my current muse for miniatures... with out much success. Probably a slow build up from viewing all the awesome miniature artists on Etsy! Combine that with my mother's amazing talent displayed in her miniatures, made for my sister and I, when I was growing up!

I finally listed a set of Fantasy Furniture! It was reserved(potentially sold) within 24 hours of listing. Quite the encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing! :) Here is the set:

The listing was only for the furniture, you can see some of my accessories as seen in my previous post of my shadow box of unique miniature things!

The jade bed has it's mattress! I am designing the mini quilt in my head still... I have cut coordinating 1 1/2 inch strips to play with! I have been entertaining sewing up a few of the table toppers I have yet top finish, more serious consideration that I have done since last fall! There is hope I will return to sewing soon!

I must get ready for the ever interfering day job! Enjoy the spring weather in the northern hemisphere people!

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