Friday, October 9, 2009


For the past few weeks, since Innovations, I have been working on a lap size throw quilt. There is a small amount of the challenge fabric from Sew Batik . There are 2 fabrics I originally purchased at Bayside Quilting 2 that I thought would work as border fabrics for my Spin Off quilt I was working on for Innovations . I added a couple other batiks from my stash and started building a quilt top. My plan was to machine quilt it in sections then connect them, not a unique to me technique. While working on it the Pagan Team on Etsy selected Balance as the challenge theme. There are many ways this little quilt aligns itself with this theme. When working on any challenge piece I contemplate the theme. I find myself asking where balance is or isn't in my life. A very informative journey, it is good to take inventory! The theme was selected to reflect the equinox and our position in the universe. Autumn is my favorite season, the Autumnal Equinox signals a significant change is coming. A natural progression of life. Not going to take the time now to edit and post progress images, I have taken several pictures along the way and plan to post them on my flicker page when it is finished. Haven't posted anything on flicker for a long time!

Remember the EAST Team on Etsy Treasure Hunt! Awesome give aways! If you are not an Etsy member it is free to join and there's no influx of emails from the site. You do not have to open a shop, you can just shop! Or in this case participate in our Treasure Hunt! see more details below or on the EAST Team blog !

Back to piecing the sections of Balance together! Nice thing is how finished it is with the sections already quilted!

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