Wednesday, September 30, 2009

EAST Treasure Hunt!

The following announcement is on the Team blog for my Etsy street team EAST (Earthpath Artisan Street Team)

The EarthPath Artisan’s Street Team (EAST team) on Etsy invites you to participate in our Harvest Treasure Hunt! Since, for so many of us, this is a time of harvest and thanksgiving, we have chosen to begin our Treasure Hunt on, September 22 (the Autumn Equinox). Each week, for 9 weeks, thru Tuesday, November 24th, we will be giving away a different prize to one lucky treasure hunter each week - and then on Wednesday, November 25th, (the day before Thanksgiving) we will be drawing one lucky winner from all entries who will receive an amazing Bounty Basket filled with an assortment of wonderful items from a variety of EAST team shops!

As our “Harvest Treasures” we have selected an item (or items) from our participating shops that we feel represent the Harvest theme. These items may be representative of an actual harvest of fruits and vegetables or a harvest of personal/spiritual nature. When searching through our team shops, look for item titles you think are harvest related! Not as easy as it sounds when you consider how Earth friendly we all are! Designated treasures will change throughout the prize period and will contain one of the following phrases in their descriptions:

“Look EAST and harvest the fruits of our labor!”
“The EAST Team wishes you Bountiful Blessings!”
“Treasures abound when you follow your EarthPath!”

We’ll also be sprinkling around a few clues to direct you to our treasures, so be sure to check out our shops and follow our blog to help you on your way to winning! You will receive one entry for every 5 items you locate! Each entry must contain 5 different treasures. Limit of 3 entries per person. An additional entry will be given to anyone posting a purchase of an item from any shop designated with an asterisk on the list below! Once you have gathered your “treasures”, post your list of page addresses as a comment to the blog post on our team blog Comments for this promotion will be moderated for approval, so the answers won't appear there! Be sure to include your Etsy name/contact information in the post as well! Happy Harvesting! Participating shops:
*ArabesqueArtsByDarcy ( ) *Cobaltquilter ( )
*dismissie (
*divapixie ( )
*DivineDesignsByForet ( )
*Foret ( )
*ForetTwo ( )
*Howling Caterpillars ( ) *Generationstiedye ( )
KarinLorenc ( )
*Merigreenleaf ( )
Mountaindreamers ( )
*Mysticwynd (
*Rainfeather (
*RainSews ( )
*Ravenshold ( )
*Sagehealer ( )
*SoulyStones ( )
*TheOmIntention (

There are weekly Prizes and a Grand Prize Winner will receive a Bounty Basket!

There are treasures hidden in my Etsy Shop!
Happy hunting!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quilts are home from Innovations!

No ribbons... good comments from the judges! The same areas I knew I needed to work on were noted, it is good to know I am on the right track. I am going to try a quilt as you go technique on the current quilt I am working on to see if I can get more creative with the quilting! Great classes and information from the conference I will post more details soon. Wanted to get images of the 2 large quilts in full view from the show! I will be listing them on Etsy soon I think. I wasn't going to but they seem 'okay' to me as long as I price them accordingly and not as a master quilter! So, above you see... Spin Off and Gypsy Rose, once again!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Harvest Challenge voting complete

Well, I am pleased to have the privilege of receiving the most votes cast in the Harvest Challenge. The running was very close between a few of us. I suspect my nudge over the top has to do with the email I sent out to my family and friends. A reflection of my wanting to boast and show off what I am doing! Making the win an interesting potential for the continued sending of my "Shameless self promotion" email when I want to share what I have been doing with the limited circle that is my 'comunity'. I know I missed at least one family members address... (Note to self: work on a possible email group titled Shameless! I did ask if they wanted to be removed from my posting of these shout outs they were invited to do so.)

It is also an opportunity for them to visit the wonderful art on Etsy! Often I find myself pulled in by one person's work. Sometimes it feels like I'm wandering through an art gallery, especially when I view it in 'gallery' rather than 'list' view. I love the sense of being in on others expressions of the passion they feel inside!

Haven't steam blocked Rose yet, but Spin Off is nearly ready to bind! I have to have them all ready to go a week from today! This has made me much more forgiving of my developing skill with the ratio of my needle's speed to the speed I move the quilt. I know one thing, the smaller the whole quilt the easier to manipulate. A measure that increases exponentially in the negative way! If I continue to have a desire to create these bigger pieces I will try a few 'quilt as you go' techniques. I made several quilts that way in the 80's & 90's. A bit more difficult to construct a unique whole in pieces! I'm playing with one right now that will use a set of stacked & slashed hexegons I have had a difficult time placing.

I don't think I ever look at a piece of fabric or other patterns found around me with out trying to imagine the possible kaelidoscope images it could create! Probably the same thing that keeps me buying blue and white fabric as well as autums amazing color way! Back to the quilting!

So I said an image of the Rose...
I know I'm working large when the finished quilt doesn't fit on my design wall!