Saturday, August 14, 2010

Working my way to recovery!

July 19th I had bilateral (meaning both knees) full knee replacements. I am recovering slowly. I needed an extra week off work than I had wanted to take but have turned a corner and am making more steady progress toward a full regaining of the range of motion needed to have a full recovery and use of my legs.

Before surgery I had finished piecing the Innovations Fabric Challenge entry. I was unable to get it quilted as I had hoped so I could spend down time while recovering working on embellishing. So, once again I will be pushing the envelope to get it done by the due date. Also my entry submission was late as I was out of contact with the computer until most recently. This means it may not be accepted and I am prepared to face that possibility.

I had planned a much more elaborate quilt, cut the pieces and was ready to construct when I realized I wasn't going to be able to get it pieced in a timely manner. Perhaps that quilt will surface one of these days! Instead I chose to use the batik in a mirror image, creating a unique design and a more manageable size. It will be approximately 17 inches by 38 inches. It is waiting for the living room to return as it is now my convalescing room with the futon open as a bed. Soon it will be folded up and moved to Conan's room as his new bed! He can open it if he wants or sleep on it in couch mode. He is looking forward to getting the queen sized bed out of his room and gaining space!

I have collected all my cobalt blue beads, even purchased several new from Shipwreck Beads before surgery. I plan to embellish the Mirror, and enhance the uniqueness of its design. This is the un-quilted piece.