Monday, August 31, 2009

August Challenge Entry!

I took time to finish the last of the pieced leaf kelidoscopes, from my stash, table topper pentagons this weekend to enter in the Pagan Street Team August Challenge "Harvest"!

To see all the entries an vote on your favorite visit our blog!

Or search Etsy for 'paganchallengeaug' and they will show up also!

I have completed the quilting of Gypsy Rose! I need to block/steam it and then mount it on a piece of dark fabric with a sleeve as the shape is odd and won't easily hang in the show! The fabric challenge quilt Spin Off" is next in line to begin the quilting! It is good to be busy!

I have pretty much decided to put off the Barter Fair this year... too much to do and not really up for the camping experience right now. And I don't know what I want to barter for or if I am ready to commit to barter commissions, it may freeze my creative side for the winter. That happened last fall when I was putting too much energy into 'marketing' ideas and got lost creatively! Not going to happen this year! The day job calls my name!

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