Sunday, November 8, 2009

I have been meaning to get to this post for days!

I have finished the Balance lap quilt and it is listed on Etsy in the Paganteam Shop!

I am not 100% satisfied with the machine quilting tension or design... motivation to keep playing. I think I will return to stippling until I feel I have a better control of the whole skill... we shall see...

Here it is! A close up of the quilting and the whole top.

I have offered my sister one of the previously posted quilts, either Gypsy Rose or Spin Off, but have yet to hear which she prefers, though I also said she could wait to see what else will be available as I work though some of these tops I have waiting in the wings! Either way I hope to find out soon so I can list the other one on Etsy! Balance was made specifically for the challenge so it was necessary to list it.

I am cleaning and sorting everything in my house... good to go into the winter with a handle on my life, mentally and physically! Almost finished with my fabric and projects, then I can return to creating and finishing stuff!

I am working on designing an Altar cloth for our Circle's Greening Service the first weekend in December. My brain is having a challenge trying to get out on paper what I see in my head! Good to stretch my designing!

Back to the tasks... also taking care of my son who has the flu:( Trying to pretend I don't have it... but think I do :( Just keep doing stuff and pretend I feel OK! Sometimes it works!

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