Saturday, February 7, 2009

To Do ...

I keep making lists of things to do in my head! Once again seeking to give myself permission to be creative and work on "my" stuff. I currently have 2 potentially 3 repair/reconstruction 'projects' to have in the most top of my "LIST" (in capitals to emphasize the silly power it has over me). Rather, the power I give it to elicit specific emotional responses toward myself... Okay, enough self diagnosis and treatment of my mind's wanderings! Suffice it to say, grow up, get to it, make time. Include getting to the house maintenance I most willingly leave to the bottom of said list. :)

What have I been doing... I actually have worked in a significant amount of my stuff. I tie dyed a piece of cotton, have cut it into small 1/12 scale bed spreads, or tapestries. I have experimented with edge techniques to make the knotting look to scale, it'll work well enough. Then to practice the stamping of images I decided to cut up a different piece of fabric I had previously painted as the tester run. Some stamping of images begun. Results are satisfactory, with significant room for improvement noted. I pretty much did this project in half hour intervals over the past few weeks. I continue my search for an easily constructed scale bed pattern to get the display set for my newest obsession, miniatures. And in an attempt to design one for myself I have collected craft sticks for $1, 2 pieces of balsa wood for ~$2, although I would pick a stronger wood if I were to make another of these. Picturing the basic bed construction options I have begun gluing pieces together. I also have a cardboard box version with head & foot boards made of the flap side of a shoebox for thickness, not yet attached as I can't get past the multitude of ways this could be finished, and how involved do I want it to be... etc.!

Yesterday in an ever continuing search for miniatures in this town I wandered about an antique 'mall' an entertaining way to spend time! I found a cute miniature sewing machine, and a scale size spinning wheel, ~$7 for both. I was really excited as I can use them as prop in my display for selling my miniature fiber/textile items! I found a set of knitting needles that go down to '000' or 1.5mm, I can only knit for so long before my hands refuse to cooperate! But I am having fun thinking of and working slowly on knitting samples! The small trunk I picked up a few weeks ago at the craft store for $1 will work with these items as a place to have items possibly draped over the side ad folded inside. The creation of a display room is a kick, I am considering a castle, I have awesome 'stonewall' fabric I could do the walls in! But I also need a 50's room. My head is having fun!

My "LIST" calls me and I want to work on everything at once! I will have to see where the day takes me. I'll start with the dishes, oddly doing the dishes, or probably rather, getting the dishes done and cleaning the kitchen, is the most immediately obvious visible to self and others act of maintenance tasks/chores. The elves continue to refrain themselves from helping me do my chores!

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