Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring, ever an awakening!

I have added a new link, upper right hand corner, to Design Style Guide. This is a unique site for seeing some of the most creative and quality work for the discriminating home decor seekers. A community I joined and posted about back in December! Spring brings energy to invest my time to share more details.

To see my work:

Follow the link in the left margin to Paintings and Wall Art to
the directory to Art categories in left margin follow Fiber Art to
page 1 of the gallery displaying some of the most wonderful fiber art I am happy to share the wall with!

Currently a few of my pieces are displayed on the Last Page, you can jump there
and see my work and follow the link back to my individual gallery, with links to my Etsy Shop,

If you enjoy fiber art, get a cup of coffee and enjoy the tour. No need to start with my work though, I am still creeping out of the winter darkness, not much new art posted for some time. It is as I said, a wonderful collection of a fiber art techniques, all with links on to additional galleries of each individuals work. An easy place to wonder for a few minutes to regain the personal perspective, my experience, I express in my work in creative reflection of others perspectives.

A friend and I recently discussed the whole, over all hindrance to 'culturalution' (evolution of our human culture, might be a word I made up! :) may well come down to our amazing human ability to see order in chaos. Personal perspective. Community equals shared perspective. In all it's individual choices. From the art I like to the spiritual perspective I ascribe to, I belong to different communities. This wonderful human talent hinders the opportunity for two greatly opposed perspectives gaining momentum, culturalution, to bring us to a global awareness of 'whose perspective' might be the one to advance us to a more human existence, for all of us, regardless of our circumstances. Sounds simple enough to step in and tip the balance with sharing perspective for the one 'right' perspective. The balance is much more delicate and fluid than a bipolar limitation.

A rather wordy support for art education/exposure/discussion/expression! From the beginning, because it's fun! As the weather heads toward more light and less gray in the Pacific North West I enjoy the returning creative energy. No new images to show... still trying to satisfy the miniature muse. I have yet to take the time to figure out how to cut and paste in the create or edit mode of blogging yet so in hind sight I see this post may well seem disjointed, or random some might say! The self promotion was a surprising thing to see! I must start somewhere~ speaking of starting, there is a list I want to work on!