Gallery of work in private collections

Ground Water
Techniques: coffee grounds and textile paint dying, beading
16" w x 24"h

The background for this whole cloth quilt was dyed and painted, then overdyed and painted again, resulting in the variegated/mottled colors. "Ground Water" is the result of using grounds from my re-usable coffee filter, and acrylic paint mixed with textile medium in separate applications. Initially my use of blue was an attempt to salvage less than acceptable, disappointing  results from coffee grounds. I liked the resulting combination, it  looks like a subterranean water pocket.

Created in response to a QuiltArt Challenge, Grounds for Change, see the entire exhibit and read about the challenge here.


Pink, Dancing on the Dark Side of the Moon
Techniques include: Machine piecing, applique', embroidery, beading, hand quilting
46 inch diameter

This was a continuation of a personal study I was pursuing on Mandalas. The Spiral Labyrinth represents the cycle of the moon in a walk through the year. I could elaborate on what each embellishments represents to me, but your walk will be a different one, enjoy, and find peace in reflection.
Materials include: cotton and cotton blends, embroidery thread, yarn, glass beads and charms, cotton batting
Designed as a response to a QuiltArt Challenge, see all the entries here.
This quilt now hangs in the Tumwater Timberland Regional Library, in Tumwater, Washington. It was purchased as a memorial to a friend's mother who was a children's librarian and quilter.


The Butterfly's Friend
Techniques: Machine applique, Machine and Hand quilting, beading
35 X 36 x 6 inches the butterfly and fairy are 3D

This was a part of the Fabled Fibers Challenge on Her own page has a copy of the poem that was the inspiration. She has traveled with the Fabled Fibers exhibit, first showing at the International Quilt Festival (IQF) in Huston, Texas in 2007.  It then traveled to other venues, including the Quilt Museum in Shelburn, Vermont. She is now home, in my private collection.


Blue Labyrinth – Symbols of Faith
 24” X 24”
Cottons, cotton batting, machine quilted
The background fabric was discharged to show the 37 current Symbols of Faith that are permitted to be requested for placement on military markers, and headstones. The recent acceptance of the Pentacle has significance to me as I have been practicing an Earth Based Neo Pagan Path for some time now and it is a good thing to be validated by your nation. The labyrinth being the Path we all walk to find our Faith. Share the Path, there is room at the center for all of us.

Another QuiltArt challenge Symbols of our Culture !

My daughter admired this greatly and was thrilled when I gifted it to her! It now hangs in her living space and provides opportunities for her to share about the labyrinth and its meaning to her, as well as her mom's art!
Gypsy Rose
A lab/throw quilt that is about a 60 inch diameter!