Friday, May 8, 2009

Fianally Finished the Jade bed and quilt!

I have been moving slowly the past week or so, sinus stuff only, no worries. But, as a virus, so the Dr. stated, I have stayed home from work. First few days I slept! Good for the body and the mind. I'm still sleeping much more than I am accustom. Time has been occupied with my miniature muse. I did try to go to work on Wednesday for a few hours, I couldn't keep a track on my tasks, needed too much energy to focus, was a restful afternoon once I got home. Enough of the personal! On with the muse.

I have accepted the Jade Bed as finished. I had a hard time realizing it was not going to be part of a furniture 'set' but a stand alone bed! Then I had to accept the quilt was just perfect the shape it was so I could get the outline quilting completed and be done! Then it was about 2 weeks ago I actually took photos in the shade of an awesome sunny morning. Short stints at editing photos... you get the picture I am sure! So here is the final results of the Jade bed, the quilt colors are soft vintage colors and patterns in an original paper pieced pentagon. I have been playing with the pentagon shape for some time now! As I am sure I have said before, I must not be done. I had this image flash of all these little quiltlets to be used as candle mats and or table mats, etc. It would sure get a ton of these 8 to 12 inch pentagons I made for the Remember Me quilt... And so the muse plays at home in my stash! I also picked up a bag of fabric at the local Goodwill for $1.99, all estimates in it is about 5 to 6 yards... a nice variety of pinks, fat quarters mostly. Another fun design path. So I will post the Jade Bed set. Go list it on Etsy, then get some rest. It is good to let myself design for fun while resting! There are 2 challenges I want to explore this summer. June holds a call for an Obama quilt, my image of the impact, etc. This for a possible publication. It would be fun. There is also the postcard contest this July. I didn't send anything last year, I want to make something new this year! Goals are good. I am starting to feel better! Rest is good.

The room is the castle display box I made. The hand carved throne is from my personal collection. I purchased it from: ! I found the miniature spinning wheel at a local antique 'mall', fun place to wonder around on occasion! The trunk is one I will eventually add to a set, filled and draped with my accessories. The amazing Fairies are also in my personal collection, these were purchased from: ! Visit my shop to see more detailed images of the bed and quilt!

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Jemjoop said...

You've made a wonderful room, I would have sweet dreams in the fairy bed under that beautiful quilt! :O)