Monday, April 20, 2009

Unique Art Collection

The other day I discovered an interesting site. It is called MVSEVM intentionally with a unique spelling! It is a collection of art that I found appealing and fun to browse through.

Grab a cup of coffee, visit the site:
and enjoy the view~

I have also chosen to advertise through this venue. It was an opportunity, and I liked the idea of supporting another artist's display of work they find interesting. I also like her choices, I appreciate unique art! There is no need for me to be 'involved' with this venue beyond enjoying the art selected for viewing. A way to get traffic to my shop with out required activity on my part. That sounds like a plan to me!

This weekend I made a pair of pants... perhaps a start to the clothing muse I have been missing for some time! Usually I make dresses, I need a new one of those too!

The day job calls!

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