Monday, June 29, 2009

Reuse Recycle Cobalt Blue Glass

Over a year ago I noticed a friend had an empty blue bottle on his counter that had contained a supplement he takes regularly. When I commented on the blue he said he was saving it for me knowing my Cobalt Blue muse. I now have over 20. I use one as my salt dispenser. It is the perfect size to hold a small ~3 inch espresso spoon I use to scoop up and sprinkle salt. The bright red lids screw on and have an easy snap flip top that can be used to dispense the contents without removing the lid. I don’t trust this flap to work forever, and when it snaps off I will safe a few to replace as needed.

Since I began collecting these bottles I have mused about using a bottle cutter and recycling them as juice glasses or votive candle holders. I read about a variety of cutters and settled on the one where the bottle lays on its side and best utilizes gravity to align the cutters. Naturally this was the most expensive one as well. Last Friday I ordered the Ephrum Bottle Cutter system! It should arrive this week! I am excited about the possibilities. Next weekend I will be going north, up to Port Angeles, to visit family for the weekend, so may not get any cutting done for another week. Pretty sure I don’t want to try this for the first time on an evening after work when I will be tired and less careful.

I have another friend who has a small kiln for annealing glass beads. It can also be used to fuse glass; I thought I would save all the broken pieces and find a way to make something from them as well. Perhaps little dishes will work if I can find molds that will fit his kiln. However I might be able to convince the kiln owner to make small pressed pendants from the fragments. He has made some wonderful pieces in the past that came out well using a soap stone mold he hand carved, another idea to muse. I’ve also been contemplating glass etching, would be a unique possibility, particularly if I design and hand cut the mask needed.

I’m including an image of the bottles. A difficult blue to photograph! My mother collected blue glass, as do both my sister and I. I wonder if we do it for a sense of the familiar, a small comfort from the past to carry into the future. Oh I’m an armchair psychologist! I have continued beading on the mountain, nearly finished! Then on to the eagle! I have been playing with the way I want to quilt the eagle; I may opt for machine quilting with monofilament to not distract from the collage effect. We will have to wait until I get closer to actually doing it before I decide!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Much Peace Much Love

I have decided to list the wall hanging created with a piece of my symbols fabric. I have delayed actually listing it for sale because of a small, only visible if I look for it, spot of discoloration on the vintage bias binding used for the design. It took me a long time to decide not to add embellishments to cover the spot. It would detract from my image of the piece, so I decided to let it speak for it's self. My photography leaves something to be desired! What looks like white thread on the edge of the border is actually the reflection of light on the mono filament thread I used to quilt.

The story behind the background fabric is an interesting one. I think it was 2 years ago, there was a challenge on, the Internet list serve I have mentioned before. It was to represent our culture. It took me some time to decide how to do that. Shortly after the call out for the challenge the Pentacle was accepted as an image allowed on Military grave markers. This was a long hard fought success by numerous people. It became one of 39 accepted images ranging from the symbol for Atheists to obscure Christian sects. I down loaded images of the 37 symbols available, two are copy right protected. I hand cut card stock stencils of each. I proceeded to create a variety of discharged fabric pieces with these symbols in search of the one I wanted for the challenge. I have used several of these as background for whole cloth quilted wall hangings. The one seen as my avatar on this blog at the moment is the one I submitted for the Culture Challenge. It had been for sale in Etsy when my daughter saw it and asked if she could have it. It hangs in her apartment in Tennessee! I was honored she would want my work in her living space! I have one other unfinished quilt from this series and a lot of potentials in waiting! I have listed a few these samples for sale on Etsy, and have several not currently active. I haven't looked lately to see if there are additional accepted symbols, but I suspect the options keep growing! The images below are of two of these foundation pieces. The collection of quilts produced for this challenge can be seen here: My entry is in the top right, without its black border, I wasn't able to get a response when I asked them to re post it with the border. I think it looks significantly different, but not a necessarily bad presentation.

I haven't done discharging to speak of for a long time, perhaps this summer I will get back to the process for a few of the possibilities running in my head! I love the organic look it creates.

Well my work week is calling me, day jobs make the world go round! Well, at least my finances! One day I will enjoy the option of staying home to create art that sells well enough to make the day job an option not a norm. But not today!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fianlly listed a new item in my Etsy Store!

It has certainly taken me long enough to list the Purple and Green Fantasy Furniture! I struggled with the mini quilt, wanting to use a previously constructed pentagon from the fabric used for the walls of the bed chamber! I have several made when I was designing the "Remember Me" quilt I have posted about previously and is on line at . However I had to make a new one to fit! The others were too big!
Anyway, the listing is here:

A fun set, very royal feeling!

I have made progress on the Blue and White doodling 4 poster bed as well! I have secured the 'mattress' and am searching for the linen it wants. I have several blue and white candidates but none say, "Ta da! It's me!" yet! and I'm unsure if a draping of beads between the posts that has been running through my head will come to be or not... strange way to design a project no doubt. When the right fabric and time are there it will no doubt make itself known!

You can see a portion of my studio's chaos in the background! I am finally actually working within my space again. I am only partially finished with the reorganizing begun weeks ago but the progress is helpful! The project under the blue and white bed is one I finally made progress on! It is a three layer applique' of a mountain that once trimmed (I used the reverse applique' or mola technique) demanded I bead it, it may prevent it's completion by a date I would like it to ... the way my muse operates! I am going to combine it with an element I made a year or so ago when working on the quilt project I did with a friends first grade class. The eagle is made with the raw edge fused applique technique, it is still waiting for it's quilting/embellishment but ideas are going through the design viewer recently! The background sky fabric is fabric I painted and manipulated. Fun to see it in context of the eagle!

The shadow or actually lighter background is a piece of freezer paper ironed to the back for stabilizing the fusing. The sky hints at the Alaskan blue I have seldom seen elsewhere. The hints of pink and purple hard to see and describe.

Well, I didn't get to any table toppers yet, and the Solstice bags are still loud but not loud enough to get under my scissors or needle! I must get on with the tasks at hand. Oh, the yard is calling as well! The iris are in bloom, beside the bright yellow day lillies! Enjoy the energy of Summer!