Sunday, March 29, 2009

In the spirit of more frequent personal observations

I have a better awareness of why I blog, the realization, once again, that this is self observation. A simple healthy way to touch base with myself... and in this situation, publicly. Clearly satisfying the narcissist in me! A bit of narrowing of the scope of observation is in order. My creative endeavors.

Yesterday I made a list of unfinished projects that I know isn't complete. I stopped searching my brain at 14, and several of them are potential series or large works, like queen sized contemporary utility quilts. It made me once again contemplate what it is that causes me to move on to a new project before the current one is finished. Perhaps it is the defiant side of my nature rejecting the Puritan work ethics superimposed on my mental patterning! Okay, maybe I just get bored easily!!

I am making progress on the miniature furniture. The latest screaming muse! Covering the white frame bed with marbled decoupage paper as the foundation for embellishing the bed as a fantasy furniture piece! I am having fun. This is a good thing! :)

I have done a bit of 'sorting' always helps clear the way for creating to take place. Puts all those projects that are pushing into the same space a better perspective on their place in line! I am personally challenging myself to get some overdue projects completed. A good plan to clear the way for more!

Maybe I move to another project, sometimes a new one, when I can no longer figure out where the piece I am working on is going and what it will look like that makes me want to see it finished?
I'm going to focus work/play today on embellishing the jade bed, my new name for it! I have made some 3D fabric plant elements to play with as well as beads. I'm off to play!

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