Friday, February 13, 2009

Progress, progress, progress

I am chewing away at my list!. I had an, 'ah ha!', about my response to mending or repair work and why it takes me so long to get it done. It isn't fun, and seldom can I make it fun. Hence, I put it off, and stress over not getting it done. Then I remember that if I don't make art I go crazy... so once again I give myself permission to play. One of these times, soon, I will listen to myself and believe the length of time any mending job takes is, as a necessity to my mental health, going to include spurts of my creative expression amidst the timeline. So, the update from my miniature muse!

The craft stick bed went together well with wood glue. The 3 coats of white acrylic may just be an adequate primed surface. I am considering 'painting' it with my doodling! I have a piece of white/off white' pre quilted' batting I'm going to use to make the mattress for this miniature bed! It is a bit over sized, as a California King might be at 5.5" X 7.75 ".

I have also been playing with cardboard. I covered the box with a tufted 'mattress' in a dark blue. I then covered each of the headboards separately in a fantastic print I have been using bit by bit for several years before attaching them to the bed. I didn't take progress pictures because I really wasn't sure this one was going to come out. I did no pattern, no measuring beyond against the pieces. It is fully 'glued' with frabri-tac. I even used it to attach the wooden bead feet. This little bed is 4.75" X 7", If I make another bed from recycled cardboard I'll take progress pictures! There are a few dancing in my head, but I only need so many different props for my displays I may not get the beds made. We shall see!

I have been knotting the edge of a tie dyed 'throw', bed spread, wall hanging thingy. I'll be getting a few of these listed on Etsy soon. The stamped series is making slower progress... still has stamping to do. But I did get a second stamp done!

I found a piece of yard sale fabric that would take dye, it feels like rayon maybe, perhaps silk. I did it a bit differently. I used the fabric wet, after a good wash with mild detergent in hot water and rinsed in hot and cold. I lay the dye ties across on a double thickness and steamed in the microwave. I did rework it once after it had dried because there had been limited transfer of the dye. Not sure what the future is for this piece if fabric!

And I got one fourth of the remaining mending done on the lining to a jacket for a friend! I have a list!

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