Saturday, August 2, 2008

Too Tired to Muse

I have had a very busy few weeks at work! It is a great thing I love my job! However, I don't love when it limits the time I have to play with fabric!

When my energy level goes down limits my ability to play with my textile/quilting/beading projects and I can get bogged down in inertia, then nothing I have 'in progress' will talk to me, and new stuff wants to crowd in on design time, but not move to fruition 'cause ... you guessed it (!) I'm too tired!

In the last month I did accomplish completing and listing my 'full' submission to the Etsy EAST Street Team (Earthpath Artisans Street Team, search East Team on Etsy) Gypsy Challenge! I have listed all 12 ACEOs in the Gypsy Rose series in my Etsy shop! (Link in side bar!)

When the doldrums's hit I found myself wandering in a local $ store (retail therapy!), I picked up several skeins of inexpensive 'fun fur' type yarn for possible application in future projects. They were very unique looking and soft. The latter not being a necessary consideration for my textile art (unless I use it for future meditation focus dolls or items... humm, once again, brain storm is never ending! LOL); I found myself wandering to an activity I did for years, but haven't done in years!! Knitting! So I indulged in the fondling of fun fur and knit a single scarf from one skein. I have always followed a pattern in the past but I want to mess around a bit now. Going to make a few single skein length and sew them each into mobius strips. They look nice over neck once and even more unique and fun turned to wrap twice! So I will build an inventory of scarves. Odd as I did not ever see myself going there. But it is a perfect use of my time while having a regular night out for pizza and a movie with friends! Much easier than bringing the beading along, less complicated and I can get a bunch more done! Less focused energy needed in the current knitting projects. It will be my endeavor to not follow a pattern again, to any more of a degree than general dimensions, perhaps. Following a pattern, much like with cross stitch, is a very specific and focused way of expressing myself by only executing an other's designs. Many, many hours of restful, therapeutic enjoyment on hand work that was intended for gifts and personal use has given me the skills and confidence, no doubt, to express myself the way I do. I'm unsure of what will be done with the scarves, they seem like nice gifts though! And I could sell them at the Fall Arts Walk as another of my 'creations'. We shall see!

Anyway, I have finally decided on the next border application for Gypsy Rose in Blue, it sure took long enough! I have the strips cut and I'll get them applied as soon as I get myself off this confounded box!

My June Challenge for Etsy FAST (Fiber Artist Street Team, search EtsyFAST Team) themed - Heroes, though not completed in time to 'post' as an entry, has begun the beading, still in progress. I am enjoying playing with design element in my head! :)

I have selected a pallet of fabrics for the inset of a new dress I am designing with Fabric my mom sent home with me! I made a new dress with one length of fabric (a nice seersucker plaid in mint greens) my mom sent home and got the 'nice' comments at work! I have also finished a 'unique' dress with a bargello front piece and an odd skirt. Conan's input: "It would be okay to wear to like say, a Ritual or an outing, you know, with friends. I don't think it's work attire." [or something very similar, he is very capable if telling me exact wording.] My very observant son! I did tell him that if I hadn't questioned the work wear ability I wouldn't have necessarily have asked him and I appreciated his input! I am currently considering deconstructing the dress and making it into something else! :)

I am still thinking destash my inventory of unfinished projects, at least a few! However, now that I have allowed myself the indigence of knitting, and clothing construction (Note how I discuss in terms NOT connected to my 'textile/fiber art', *smile* then It isn't breaking my purpose!)

I added a new RSS feed to the side bar, directing visitors to Etsy. I think it may be a promotional potential as it has something to do with increasing Google search bot to pick up etsy for handmade goods, I think! So it can increase traffic to etsy and potentially then my shop. Seems like a long shot, but I am committed to put some time in to promoting myself, I think it is the necessary energy drain to get me work selling so I can buy what ever materials I want to play with ! SMILE - my true motivation for selling my wares in the first place! :)

Okay, I'm off to play!

Bright Lammas Blessings to all, may your harvests be bountiful!

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