Monday, October 6, 2008

Keep up, just keep up!

A good piece of advice, although I am not sure who I am keeping up with!

Arts Walk came and went. I did not sell anything, a few people took my new business card, very awesomely done by Avatar Man on Etsy, check out his work!

Very talented graphic artist!

I completed 2 of several table topper/altar cloths and listed them for the Spirited Autumn Event on Etsy, EAST Team promotional. One sold, along with several other pieces from my shop last week! Feels pretty good, people purchasing my work! We shall see if this is a new trend or a blip in my radar!

I, in my obsessive compulsive manner, have several, 12 actually, table topper/altar cloth mini quilts that are not finished. I had planned on making double sided pieces. Then after all the piecing, even for the less detailed ones, I decided it would be fine to make the other side of these a single fabric, keeping the reversible nature but also emphasising the work that goes into a pieced design as the 'front.' All the remaining 12 are pentagons, some with kaleidoscope centers others with whole cloth centers. They will stay in the front seat of get it done projects! Many are fall autumn themed, good for Thanksgiving tables, others are generic, and 2 are Ostara fabric! The tops are all done, now I am layering and quilting. I am using cotton corduroy for the 'batting' it makes a nice thin and smooth topper so that things wont tip over on them from being bumpy! I brought all this corduroy home from Florida, not sure it will make it into clothes now! I like this use! Although it does dust up my machine when quilting...

The bargello table runner was listed as my submission for the September challenge on Etsy for the Fiber Artists Street Team, FAST Team. The theme was 'harvest'. October's challenge is 'candy', not sure what will fit there. I was brainstorming and ran across the idea of making a fabric bowl or two, to hold candy, could be holiday themed fabrics or just unique. I'll have to see if I can get this idea to fruition! I want to make it a pentacle design, I am interested to see how it might work out!

My QuiltArt EPU:II challenge piece is coming together well, in my head! ( I am looking forward to seeing it come out! It is due 10/25, seems like a lot of time! We all know how that goes! It has to have a photo transfer element and I have selected one of my batiks as the focal image. The actual piece is over 36" square so it will be fun to work with the image scaled down. There is a size limit of 14"square on this challenge. I purchased several pieces of special fabric to run through my printer, now I have the option to print another of my batiks and use it as the foundation for an additional challenge,for the Etsy Pagan Team, Elements, due 10/10.... not too far in the future so may stay a dream! :) I hope to get the images printed today. Then I could work on the elements challenge as a warm up to the EPU piece, we shall see. (

I am still determining the Black Box submission, whether to be a variety of note cards or a single image. I am considering the possibility of self printing on to card stock that will only need folding no gluing to be finished, I will see if it is cost effective.

I have finished one of the Trees outside my Window ACEOs, haven't listed it yet.

There are several journal covers I don't have listed either, need to locate pics and get that done soon also, seems silly not to. I am sure inventory helps sales!

I am trying to not buy too much additional fabric! I picked up a black on black and a solid black to potentially use for a Samhain altar cloth, but I am having a hard time seeing the design... that tells me to not purchase any more fabric until my brain has a clearer idea to work with ! The newest project, the table topper/altar cloth quilts are an excellent way to utilize some design elements I have hanging around, like the multitude of kaleidoscopes I made back when I was working on the Remember Me challenge! Also other orphan blocks could find a home!. The backs use a bit of fabric also, so some of those purchases of 'wow that's cheap' on sale quality fabric with less than stunning patterns will no doubt find a way to get used too!

I finished the mini rainbow weaving goddesses! I will post an image here!

Then I am off to rest my knee (giving me fits the past few days) and get a bit done!

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