Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catch up

I have been having a difficult time taking the time to update this blog! I keep writing the posts in my head and never getting here to type them! Then I feel like I already did it, and so much has changed it would be a whole new post anyway... blah, blah! All good excuses but bad reasons!

So, what's new? I finally was able to get the Gypsy Rose lap/couch quilt as well as another crib/lap size Blocks in Red and Black, actually pin basted! I needed to stay after work to use the big tables, but have been just too tired for weeks! Finally I worked a Saturday and felt like I could actually get it done! Now comes the quilting, I have been playing with design ideas for the quilting. I often change my mind a bunch as I brainstorm. We shall see how long it takes these quilts to yell loudly before I get to them!

I have made progress on my ACEO tree series, it is a lot of time and energy to make the trees, but I am enjoying it. Not sure I will use this design element on the bigger one, very tedious and detailed work that would not showcase well on the larger piece with out a significantly different set of fibers, ones the variations could be seen from a distance!

I have also begun to bead an awesome Goddess design element on a set of Rainbow weaving post card sized pieces! These are going to be fun! I have 2 of 6 complete!

The following link is to my Gypsy Rose ACEO series 'How to tutorial.' It was fun to write up!

I am also beginning o focus energy on a new promotional coming for the Etsy Team EAST (Earthpath Artisans Street Team) for this Equinox celebration I'll post more on this another time!

I must be off, work demands and all!

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