Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just keep swimming...

Last weekend I picked up a small figurine of 'Dori" one of my most admired of animated characters~ she now sits on my desk at work to remind me it is a matter of just keep moving, progressing through the stuff to do at work as well as life in general! So, a busy work week, but progress at some rate on several 'projects!"

Gypsy Rose is on her second border treatment, I'm thinking one more and I will be ready to layer/baste/quilt! Recently I have been viewing several quilts on Etsy that are comparable to the size and utility I am anticipating for Gypsy Rose. Good market research and I'm getting a feel for the potential price range I can entertain! Several sellers wash and dry the utility quilts, an idea I was considering for personal assurance it would withstand the use, more an affirmation than a question of it's potential! As well as an assurance to the buyer it will withstand use, as it is being sold as a functional work of art.There are several quilt tops in the 'stash' I am playing with in my head to see where the quilting design will take me so they too, can get in line for 'de-stashing', my current personal goal. I have (probably said this already, too) recently set up my New Home machine, which was a gift several years ago, in it's own cabinet, bringing the 'arm' even with the table top... yeah I had to have discussed this with Nolan's quilt! The point of the bird walk, to note the exploration of machine quilting as a design element that will enhance the longevity of a quilt is a fun place to brainstorm in my busy, busy brain! The encouragement of a more quality product being offered consumers is a positive projection of customer appreciation!

However I must admit I purchased several yards of fabric this past week. The coordinates were just too inviting and full of awesome potential! All designed by Dan Morris, his 'What's your sign?' and 'Sky's the limit' series. They just so happen to coordinate quite well with the 2 Robert Kaufman 'stargazers' prints I have in both blue and black colorways! I have been running with the throw quilt size as a kick start point for a few smaller functional/collectible art pieces as a matter of design process for a while, all the way back to the Hexagon series from 1999-2000 projects! I am sooo presumptuous. Just keep swimming, swimming!

No progress on my new dress, still unsure of which traditional block I want to use. I suppose it will settle down and decide some day! LOL Some gatherings of fabric I have done for projects in the past survive long enough to become that item Others however get pulled away for a more immediate application. This no doubt reinforces the need to collect an amazing amount of fabrics in a wondrous variety! Too, funny, but true! I have continued to collect fabrics for a 'project' that is long finished! Blue and whites, Autumn, Paisley only a few that I am always looking for ... my available palette is obviously then full the the colors, and designs I love in combination the most. No doubt what leads one to have a personal style of their own to some degree. I have an inordinate amount of unfinished pieces that are a rainbow combination similar to the border used on 'Iris' and in other variations! These will, and are working their way to the front seat. Most if not all of my projects that are in the 'wall' and other non standard applications of quilting genre have their roots in a larger piece of quilt design that has been halted for one reason or another.

Hum.. I get the feeling I am repeating myself. Is it possible I am saying it again as I have in my previous posts speaking to my application of scraps, colorways, etc.? Heavy sigh, well there is a lot to be said about realizing your telling the 'same story' over again! If I'm going to be narcissistic I better be aware enough to not apply the same evidence on too many repeat occasions!

I called the Intercity Transit trip planner this morning and can get from home to the Seattle Convention and Trade Center (actually approx a 2 block walk from) in 2 hrs 15 min for $7. I am entertaining taking the bus to spend the afternoon at the PNQF! The return trips, the last two depart at 4:38 or 6:38, probably a max of 3 blocks from the Center. I'll have to drive to the Transit Center and leave my car downtown for the day, but Sunday parking is free down town. And the transit worker said she parks her car in the vicinity and has never had an issue. Geeze, think I've covered all the bases! I am cautious about the amount of walking I will put myself through if I chose to go, a significant decision... okay, I think I have wandered far enough off the quilting train into transportation! (trains of thought weave their way together of their own accord on occasion!)

Enough playing with words! I think it would be a blast to go to the quilt show, even alone! Not something I would have entertained 5 years ago... interesting!

I am still knitting. I've finished 3 pieces, yet to sew final seam but am thinking I will decide if it is to be something and what later! I'm in the just make it, it's quite meditative and at the moment I am in need of such distraction. I am off to get a few things underway!

Bright Blessings!

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