Friday, October 17, 2008

Pagans Of Etsy Street Team - Samhain Sale!!


Pagans of Etsy Street Team known as POEST (search the tag "pagan team") is hosting a pre-Samhain Sale!

As a member I am offering 15% off any item tagged "paganhalloween". Look for Autumn colorways.Samhain, as I recognize it, is the Pagan New Year, when the veil between the worlds thins, and being aware of the reality that we are all 'one,' we,meaning those of similar belief, gather to honor our beloved dead, welcome the new life the year has brought, and reflect on what we chose to carry forward as the wheel turns.Please contact me and I will edit your selections' price to reflect the 15% discount, re post as reserved and notify you. If not paid for within 2 days the item will be re listed at its full price and no longer be reserved. As a promotion with a limited time frame I am sure you can understand my not wanting to tie up my inventory.
Namaste, PeggySue

The above announcement appears on my Etsy site,

There are 11 items that respond if you search my shop for 'paganhalloween' but there will be many more unique, handmade items with the tag, 'paganhalloween' in a search of all tags!

It would be nice if this sale was as successful as the last one I participated in with Eathpath Artisans Street Team, search 'east team' on Etsy!

I have finished and listed several table topper altar cloths. There are several left to complete, but no more autumn themed ones. The others can wait in line until I finish EPU: II!

I also listed the Silver Birch ACEO, perhaps an attempt to bring the rest of the series to my productive radar! All that is left is hand sewing on the rest!

EPU: II is progressing well design wise! Now to spend the time doing the hand work! I am planning on hand embroidering the photo transfer image to augment the machine quilting. I have selected the potential beads and baubles to include in the macrame' fringe that will bring the entry to the required 14 X 14 inches.

I made a couple little tote bags out of a single fat quarter and listed them in my shop as well. I am considering adding to the listing that they could be excellent reusable treat bags if trick-or-treating is a part of their tradition. Or perhaps I will make some specifically for Halloween, but I doubt the time frame will work, too soon!

I have listed Yoni, that took guts! But not too many views yet! But it is one of those things that take time.

I have joined Design Style Guide, a unique site for interior designers looking for a specific thing, they can search for unique quality art work, not just wall art! I have 8 open rotation spots for listing items! Hopefully it wont consume too much more of my time to maintain and it will bring exposure to a professional level clientele.

Well, I best get things in motion!

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Anonymous said...

I love your work! Wish you luck with the sale - I didn't know abpout it, so I'd better tag a few of my own items ;o)