Friday, August 15, 2008

so much to do ... so little time!

Been a busy week, lots of ups and downs with work, energy, creativity. But, I think I am on the upswing.

I have the 2 current lap/crib size quilts ready to layer and get the quilting started. The pin basting is the hardest part for me, strains my body!

I have decided it is okay to stop the bigger pieces of work and make a few small things to feel like am getting to be creative. I have realized there is a lot more opportunity to see the variety of pieces my brain needs to see happen if I make say, a series of ACEOs, my current 'item,' it was previously pins/brooches or post cards!! I helps eliminate the challenge I have when it takes so long to get the utility size quilts and the larger wall art I have previously made, to completion. I have always liked having several pieces in the working stage, mostly as I get bogged down in the amount of energy and time one of the larger pieces takes to reach the inner view I see for that piece!

On that note I am currently working on a new ACEO series using some scraps from the Gypsy Rose, who by the way is one of the ones on the short list! This new series is interestingly enough a combination of the color way of Gypsy Rose (very narrowed) and the design element of Blocks Inside My Box (in the attic window application of tumbling blocks, a traditional quilt pattern). I am sewing into the lower sill's seam a collection of fibers that will be woven together and embellished with a variety of things in a representation of trees outside my window! This is a small application of an design idea I have had for years (there is a quilt that has been waiting those many years, to have this applied!). I am excited to see how it works in miniature, and if it is fun enough to add to the ~25" equilateral pentagon I have waiting for it! If not .. I will know before I start on a much larger more time intensive application and have to finish because I started it (albeit not necessarily for years!). This may well be the reason behind the hesitancy to get that work started!

I am doing my best to not jump on the challenges I know are going on! I want to finish a bunch of stuff I have, the lager pieces, and get to feeling like I have the time, space, and permission (needed from myself) to continue to start 'new' pieces! I'll be able to locate scraps from most of these larger pieces to make a small series of 'something' as I work! Maybe the smaller items could be challenge responses... like the Gypsy Rose ACEO series was.

Well, I am always brainstorming the next 'thing' I'm hoping for some quick, fun, item I like to make will start to sell at Arts Walk this Fall. Though I know there are limited sales made at Arts Walk for all the artists. Heavy Sigh! I am still waiting to be 'discovered'! Isn't that every artists narcissistic tendency that keeps us moving forward? I can't be the only one who feels this way! (isn't that a line from a song?)

I am off today but must work tomorrow. Looking forward to getting a lot done this weekend still! There are items I could photograph and get listed on Etsy too... So much... It's good to be busy!

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