Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Too little time....

I have been keeping myself a bit busy! The emotional stresses of the season are in full swing. I am keeping the 'monsters' at bay as much as possible, but it does interfere with my creativity and my ability to get as much accomplished as I would like! I have finished Conan's queen size machine quilted snowflakes quilt! It is big enough to cover his toes! That took a lot of energy & time!

I finished and submitted the EPU:2 piece,
It is also the image I used for my free gift 'sample note card' being sold in The Little Black Box, which goes on sale December 5! Check it out, a very cool idea! I am hoping to see an increase in traffic through my store, we shall see.

I have also invested with another web site that does hosting of e-shops. There are a lot of awesome artists being represented there! Check it out!
Browse by category - Art in the left margin to see my ad! I also am listed in the Arcade as well as The Holiday Shopping Village!

The Design Style Guide is another web based 'shopping mall' for interior design items, last post I neglected to post a link so here it is!
I don't have a profile image there, not sure how to go about it yet and not taken the time... the elusive time...

I have sewn about 12 more holiday theme table toppers with poinsettias as pentescopes, 5 sided stack & slash pentagons. several are layered ready to quilt. Two are quilted ready to bind and I haven't had the energy to finish them. That is this weekends project!

I best go to work or I won't have funds to keep making the stuff I love!

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