Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

My word for 2012 is SIMPLIFY...

I have been busy organizing my living/working space since the holiday show rush was over for me early in the month. It went well, I made good sales! I am going to prepare my inventory for Spring shows. Trying to get my nerve up once again to seek a space for Spring Arts Walk... we shall see.

Have been making a running list of what I have done the last 2 4 day weekends in a word document, just to track my momentum and keep it going. I do not have to get it all done in one day.

So far:
~Sorted boxes of 'saved' paperwork from 2009, and 2010! Silly stuff! Most recycled.
~My fabric is nearly all sorted, will keep picking away at the assorted boxes of scraps and 'projects.'
~Took stuff to the Goodwill. Have started another collection to take (But I did pick up a new skirt, a shirt and a sweater!)
~Added items to the 'Destash' box for the Olyteam Etsy meeting this week.
~Have a couple bags of books to donate to the Books Beans and Brownies Book Sale Saturday, February 25, 2012 10:00 AM-4:00 PM OUUC
~I have a greater awareness of my unfinished objects pile, wanting to find the best way to store and access these, as well as prioritize! The word doc will help with that!
~Had an email exchange with Ruthann Eckersley and purchased a pattern from her web site: Ruths Machine Quilting for a great table topper made with strada the way bargello quilts are! It's called Sew Easy Strata Star and I have permission to use the pattern and sell items I make. Look for these in the near future! I do not typically use patterns from other designers, but I saw a sample and this woman's pattern at Bayside Quilting and it is really a nice potential use of color and I have some great collections waiting a good place to show off.
(Some how convincing myself it isn't a new project if it is using fabric I already have. Semantics are my friend.)
~Ready to rearrange furniture in the sewing area of the living room for better access, visual appeal.

Did a bit of retail therapy at JoAnn's for some great fabric 40% off, saved $20+ on a large piece 5 yards I think, a great paisley! Also at Bayside some 50% off great blue Zodiac for the backing to a quilt in the UFO pile!

I haven't finished my reorganizing binge, but good progress!

For the last month to 6 weeks I have been working on beading/embellishing Ronn's commission at his house on the evenings we watch a movie and visit. I am making progress, nice to finally see myself put needle and thread to it. No good pictures at the moment. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to take this one to completion. I am leaving all the beads out there with a folding table. I was provided with a really nice LED clip on light I clip to a little plastic drawer thing that hold the current beads I am using, to get good light on the working surface. It also leaves me home time to do other projects and not feel I am skipping out on Ronn's. I do have to say though that the beading is going much faster that the outline blanket stitch of the design elements. That's nice.

Have a hanging for a customer to get done for next weekend at the Weekend Market, will plan to do that Friday the 6th. Will be at Market January 7th & 8th 10 to 5!

So sad day, no pics in this post :(

Looking forward to a fantastic 2012! A year of change and awakenings!

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julie cavender said...

That's my short term goal, organizing. Sales tax to get done and then business taxes to the CPA by Feb. I have boxes of paperwork that need to go down to the basement for storage. It's good you kept a list of what you've done. Keep up the good work!