Friday, October 28, 2011

Show off time...

A few things happened in October!

Last week the quilt on loan to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center came home! Ground Water has returned to the owner. I very much appreciated the loan! It was a pleasure to see it again, eben if only for a little bit.

In addition:
~ I finished the series of Sugar skull ACEOs and Postcards uploaded them here on a new blog page.

I picked up spice gumdrops today to honor my maternal grandmother at an upcoming Dumb Feast. My sister and I have been playing Scrabble on line. Growing up my mom and grandmother played every time we visited. Preparing for All Soul's Day is an act of mindfulness of those who have gone before me.

~I scanned the 12 finished Stonehenge inchie pendants uploaded an photo to Facebook on my fan page. Check it out if you want more frequent updates than my blog:

~ Also an image of 3 of the 4 sugar skull pendants that are 1.5 X 3 inches. I sold one at a craft show last weekend! I was out at the Carlyon Beach Craft Fair. The call went out at the last minute and I was accepted. I had a great experience and hope to do it again!

I have additional inchies in the Stonehenge Abstract left overs and a few sugar skull inchies, also larger pieces to bead. Tomorrow I will go see Nancy at the Weekend Market down town Olympia and pick up more base metal blanks for making more pendants, these are low price point items for the 3 upcoming events I mentioned in my last entry! I will post them here again!

Upcoming November shows....

Olympia Weekend Market
November 5th (Saturday 9 - 4) & November 6th (Sunday 10 - 5)
[Repeats every first weekend of the month, December 3 & 4 for last minute local shopping!]

Resident Council's Annual Holiday Bazaar
Mother Joseph Care Center
3333 Ensign Road, Olympia, WA 98506
November 11th (Friday 10am to 4pm)

Local vendors will be selling holiday decorations, cards, jewelry, and other hand crafted items. An opportunity for residence and guests to shop.

Holiday Crafts Showcase at North Thurston High School
600 Sleater Kinney Rd, Lacey, WA
Sponsored by Lacey's Community Enrichment Program
November 12th (Saturday 9am-3pm)

~Here are the Mirror Mirror 4 ACEOs, a great batik and thread painting/quilting. They are in my Etsy Shop ACEO section.

~ I found the bargello elements for an Autumn table topper, yet to be sewn, perhaps today?

I haven't listed the Stonehenge ACEOs yet, could happen any day. They still need photo editing. Today was a blog day. And I really wanted to finish and put away the sugar skull altar cards.

I have stew in the crock pot this rainy afternoon, will give me time to get several more things done before evening draws my day home from the 'day job' to a close!

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julie cavender said...

Well, you've been busy! Awesome new work!