Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day...

Today I am thankful for my mother. I continue to learn much from her and am grateful for our conversations. She can tell when I am feeling disconnected as well because I stop calling her quite so regularly. So here is a quick update because I also updated my mom today. Why disconnected... self reflection on my presumptuousness and then lack of follow through for unknown reason. Why would a positive comment cause me to stop. Perhaps the realization that other people actually read this random musing of mine on occasion.

Since February I have been to the Weekend Market for the first weekends in March, April and May, as well as, Arts Walk Weekend April 23 & 24. I have had new work to hang all but this past weekend.

I had a bad cold and it has taken nearly 3 weeks to feel myself again. That on top of a few emotional roller coaster rides which saw a light at the end of the tunnel when the Pacific West Quilt Show extended it's online deadline to May 6th.

With that note on to the updating:

1- I really did it. I sent off an entry to the Pacific West Quilt Show, I purchased a new camera because my old one was too old to shoot required jpgs to enter. I almost got someone to shoot pictures for me before I got a camera but it was a big challenge due to both our schedules. I am having a hard time believing I actually did it. I suspect I will get a drawer full of rejection slips before I find my niche. Baby Steps.

I want to develop a data base of my work, with good images so I can not fret over the details if I want to enter other shows. Also can note completed dates, etc.

I want to create a catalog of my work with statements to have available at the Market and other places I might vend. I can select one or 2 pieces to display and offer the catalog, my card and a discount code.

The Weekend Market has given me the exposure to random strangers' opinions of my work in adequate doses for me to start to believe in my potential as more than magical thinking on my part, or the Big Frog/Little Pond Syndrome.

2- I did not finish my piece for the Deep Spaces Challenge. When it is released I will be sure to announce it, both my finished piece and the exhibit. Lots of whys, some design stalls, some really wanting new work for the Market, some need for family time and the unfortunate need for extra sleep the last 2 weeks available to work on it. Maybe too big a fear of rejection after I have boasted about working on it for so long... heavy sigh.

3- The 'Here We Are" challenge piece top is completed. In line waiting to be layered and quilted.

In the pile, with 2 other tops, a star made with a line of fabric I can't recall the designer of at the moment and the pink, black and white bargello circles. The 3 Crazy Nines tops have been layered and sewn. One is pillow turned ready to pin for quilting. They are small. I wanted them for the Market but it was okay I didn't get to them they are still here. :)

4. I finished the "Turning of the Wheel" challenge piece from the Earth Path Artisans Street Team on Etsy. I decided to make it a teaching shawl, but it could get a sleeve if someone wanted one. I took pictures at it's debute at the Weekend Market. Then today someone at the Market told me there is a new Zodiac sign. I will have to look into that!

5. I layered pillow turned and quilted Conan's Pisces graphic design and it is listed on Etsy. Hung it at the Market and have had a lot of great comments. Especially to his design. I look forward to many more collaborations.

6. I completed the applique of Ronn's wall hanging/ commission. The positive of Conan's Pisces with additional elements of mine. Going to machine quilt it in my own designs, then decide if I will bead it or not. I estimated 80 - 90 hours of hand applique. Unfortunately I believe it has taken me 6 months. A little tedious to say the least. Hope the next phases go by more quickly.

7. Brainstorming a quilt called Symbols, Celia has granted me permission to use her lyrics in my work! More on this later!

8. Brainstorming Pagan Team Spring Challenge - Healing Intent due July 1st

7 & 8 may be one and the same...

To fill in a few blanks I went looking for writing I know I've done in the last 3 months, I came across this:

As the year waxes to full light in the Northern Hemisphere it is the time of year when I am more connected to that part of me that can express itself in unique ways, my imagination. I need room for growth in the fullness of the year. Letting go of previous works gracefully would be nice! I stand on the edge of another opportunity to find the key to maintaining a greater grip on reality all winter long! Not in a psychotic way, but a neurotic one for sure. The darkness of self doubt and egocentric motivations clouding my sight.

This was dated May 23, 2010. I get lost in the winter, I think less this year though...

Bad me, no pictures tonight. Getting late think I'll turn in and get a good nights sleep!



Nice to have a Mom to talk with--:)

julie cavender said...

I like what you blog about. It sounds like you're exploring new avenues and that's good. Your writing is very moving. I so understand the darkness of winter. Stay centered and remember to breathe.