Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life... it keeps on keeping on!

Why does it take so long to return from a place of confusion? And why does it seem to be a series of 3 steps forward 2 steps back, so often obvious only in hindsight?

Reconciling the past with the present to project ourselves into the future is rift with deep holes. The only word I need is Awareness. Like any act of meditation conscious living requires a mantra and/or focal to draw me near. That's what/where my playing with color, textiles, embellishments including the quilting, give/take me.

The hitch can be it is still required I give an active effort to take myself back to what it is I'm doing here anyway in the process. I am so easily distracted!

I have been focusing on several potential deadlines. Am I wanting to push myself toward hard enough to actually do it? How do they all fit with staying on task, current needs & expectations... verses wants...

1- entering the Pacific West Quilt Show in Tacoma this year. [Feels like a big step, and felt so out of reach until most recently, I'm in a 3 steps forward moment of life!]

2- Making/finishing my piece for the Deep Spaces Challenge being hosted by Larkin Jean Van Horn.

3- Finish the 'Here We Are" challenge piece..., revisit and finish the "Turning of the Wheel" challenge piece.

4- Finish old projects & making new work to hang at Weekend Market. I will be there again the first weekend in March.

It has turned into a list of things to do... yikes!

Okay progress update:

Here We Are- corners attached border 1 cut, need to be pieced. I need to square the quilt. Doesn't fold in half well!

Graphic Commission- making slow continuous progress!

Deep Spaces- Finally did the machine quilting, thread painting! Ready to start bead embellishment. Was searching images of what's been going on now art wise. Have run across some great artists. Take a look at Jimmy McBride , very cool!

Found a box of my Teddy Bears in Conan's closet when he reclaimed his living space. A collection that is now, amazingly 20+ years old. I am going to list them on Etsy under vintage and see if I can sell them. Mostly North American Bear Company bears. Six years ago I tried to see if a local Ebay dealer would list them but they weren't of high enough value to make it worth her while. Now, 6 years later some are valued at over $100. That's worth my time to photo, list, ship. I not only gain space in my house, but a few more dollars, potentially. So today I got them all out, dusted and took a group photo! Now to do individual series... time elusive time. I am distracted and off to work outside, the sun is shinning!


Brenda said...

Very nice. and I hearya.

julie cavender said...

Busy and busier! But the alternative would be...Doing nothing(?). I don't think we are the kind of people that can Do Nothing. Love your stuff.