Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Sale!

The Etsy Pagan Team is having a Summer Sale for Solstice!

Each member will determine the specifics of their sale. I have marked items at 50% off! I decided it was time to move out and step up to this adventure and motivate myself to create more!

Today I listed 7 items at 50% off:

I will be adding one item a day to this 50% off sale! Keep checking back to see if your favorite is on sale!

The Team Sale tags are 'summersale' and 'summersolsticesale'

Search Etsy handmade and see all the wonderful items on sale for the Celebration of the Sun!


On a personal note...

I finished and submitted my QuiltArt 15th Anniversary piece, Still Crazy. The submissions were due April 15th, they have not been poted to the group web site yet, I will post here once they have. I look forward to seeing all the amazing tributes to QA!

I continue to sort, organize and de-clutter my living space! We are cleaning and rearranging my 15 year old son's bedroom, an adventure in itself. The cleaning is mostly done, now to put things back in where they can be easily maintained! Not directly Art related but it will allow me more comfort with the level of the overall house organization!

The kitchen arrangement has been set up, now to sort and organize the books, art supplies and stuff to have easy access!

The Etsy Pagan Team is also having a Challenge!
In celebration of Earth Day and its 40th Anniversary, April 22, we REmember
our RElationship with the planet. Create an item that helps us be more earth
The emphasis is on recycled elements of our entries. The deadline is now May 28th. I will post a link to the voting once available!
The Etsy Earthpath Artisans Street Team, EAST, is also having a Summer Solstice Challenge!

Summer Solstice is quickly approaching, the days are longer, the sunshine is warm and inviting. The sun is and has been many things to many people.
I challenge you to create an item that is your interpretation of this theme. Be as literal as representing the celestial body or reflective of this time of growth and renewal.

I have an entry for the RE challenge waiting for the last step, thread painting, I will post when listed! The fabrics for the Sun Challenge are gathering... I love the brightness of yellows & oranges together!

I am also sewing a set of chair cushions for a friend... hard to cut fabric over $15 a yard! I will post pictures, hopefully, when finished!

I have recently packaged and sold several sets of 100 different fabric fat quarters though my Etsy shop, there is one currently listed:
I have at least one more in my stash, it needs about 20 more different fabrics, I am sure I can find them! We shall see. I already sold 3! Talk about excess fabric! I am keeping a piece of all the fabrics I want, some I have outgrown and am including in the sets!

I best get back to work!

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