Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just Keep Sewing, Sewing!

I have a little Dory figure on my monitor at work, it reminds me that some days all we can do is keep swimming. When I'm home I like to just keep sewing! I have been working on my QuiltArt 15 year challenge piece, Lots to get done by April 15, but I'm having fun. I've been playing with designs for each section as I played with beads for the first section which will make it easier as I get closer to working on each section. I am gathering materials, beads and baubles for the white and blue sections currently. I realized blue really is my favorite, there are 4 pieces that are blue! So, here are images of the paper piecing pattern, fabric and trim collected, not sure I will use the trims.

I did not win the EAST challenge :( but did win by finishing so many pieces in the series! Yeah! Sales on Etsy are extremely slow...

Have Hilary's pillows ready to sew together, I picked up the zippers last week! Woo Hoo! She settled on 16" as an acceptable size, need to get back to sewing them soon!! It will be a project that has waited over a year to take center stage, silly pillows...

The day job once again calls my name... good thing I like work a lot once I get there! Some days it's the getting there that is difficult!

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Mystic Silks said...

Your work is just so lovely!

Thank you for sharing--:)