Saturday, February 20, 2010

Challenges and their progress...

Today the entries in the Etsy Team EAST Midwinter Challenge are posted to our blog with a poll for picking your favorite! Be sure to visit the blog to see all the awesome work!

East, Earthpath Artisans Blog

My entry is #6 Bridgit's Cross Table Topper

This is one of 6 table toppers I made for this theme! The sixth one still needs quilting but she is layered and ready to go, plans to finish it up this weekend! This is the first time in a long time I have completed an entire series in a timely manner! Typically I will construct several possible entries and only take one all the way to completion before the challenge entries are due. This time I have pushed and gotten them all done! Although St. Bridgit's day was February 1st, these toppers are also very spring like and the border weavings resemble baskets for Ostara, or Easter! Today I put up a second one in my Etsy Shop. I pan to post one every day for the next, now, 4 days! It is nice to have something new to list!

I've also layered and have 2 Ostara table toppers ready to pillow turn and quilt. I'm hoping doing the pillow turn method of backing will facilitate not struggling with the bindings. The Bridgit Cross quilts are edged a bit differently. I turned the top and back in to resemble a pillow turn, they came out good, needed several edge stitching to secure. Doing them as one full turn before quilting ought help. I will try it on the #6 Cross.

I did not complete the Turning of the Wheel challenge piece in time, and it is still in the embellishment phase. The width was too much for a successful mobius strip so I am brainstorming the best way to present it as a circle of the year/seasons. I am thinking a teaching quilt that is stiff enough that when the two ends are joined it can sit on a table and be turned to show the full wheel... another option would be to use the second set of elements, quilt and embellish it then combine them to make a mobius strip that actually turns through 2 full years, but it might be too unwieldy. An idea might be it's connected as a circle to show one of the years or twisted to make a mobius... hum...

I have signed up for the QuiltArt 15th anniversary challenge, Quinceanero, due April 15th. My taxes will have to compete for time! This piece needs to be 15 X 15 inches square. I have been brainstorming/designing possibilities in my head. Nothing sure yet but I am leaning toward a Crazy Quilt type using some cotton velvet I have collected. And I found an awesome black cotton velvet remnant at JoAnn's recently that screamed, "Oh, Oh! Buy me! I will go great with all those other ones you have!" So, yea, I bought it, 50% off is hard to resist. I'm playing with a fan pattern with 15 sections, or maybe bargello. I want to use a traditional pattern, but not a crazy quilt presentation... I hope it settles on an idea soon so I will be able really embellish it to the extreme!

The Greenman of Autumn piece has had the chance to steep a bit an I have come up with a way to embellish it that is better than the original but will incorporate all the original ideas and the 3D pieces I have already made with out having to make more 3D, I think!

At work I have been trying to take a 20 - 30 minute lunch break and go in the seminar room and work on picking the stitches out of the huge Aurora Quilt that is sadly in need of a requilting! It is a nice break and an easy project to work on, I have waited 2+ years to start the picking so any progress is good! I am successful about half the week at getting away from my desk. My machine quilting skills are improving so by the time this one is ready to quilt again I ought be less disappointed with my work.

So much to do, I want more hours in my day!

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