Friday, February 15, 2013

... it's been a while, now I'm hearing Harry Chaipin in my head!

Apparently simplify means to stop blogging! About a year ago the consensus on my Olympia Etsy Team was blogging doesn't necessarily translate to exposure... it was an easy thing for me to transition out of. I often avoided blogging as it seemed tedious and arbitrary. My swinging personal perspective/frame of reference in writing!

I continued logging progress on specific projects and works in progress. I actually have simplified! Folders on my desk top backed up on the flash drive of current musings about projects. I transitioned to a Facebook addict* in the past year and much has happened in my professional artist persona.

In August I began what I am now calling my business plan backwards. I rented a store front at the Olympia Weekend Flea Market for a six month commitment and opened Cobaltquilter's Corner.

Heavy sigh, hang on for the ride. I originally committed, in early June, then asked for the day job for my 2 Saturdays off a month. Thinking 2 months was adequate to have an alternative in place. It was not to be the option and I have struggled with my backwardness. It has been a long 6 month learning curve for me. It is no longer as deep a concern of mine as it was 6 months ago when I was trying to find my way in this whole -get my self out there doing it process of independent artist as my supplementary income needed due to early retirement- thing. I have found, as I design this business plan backwards, that I am falling into the rhythm and accepting the limits of my Shop/Studio availability.

As you can imagine this led to a serious reorganization of my living space as I moved a fully functional fiber/textile studio out of my house into the Shop, leaving behind a fully functional studio. I have a tool box, now in a wheeled cart, that goes between the two locations. I am not exactly Flea Market fare but it is a corner I feel comfortable in and a public space, open studio, so I can retain my hermit existence as required.

I am currently timing a project I started at the shop/studio last weekend and will get to posting an album on FB, took pictures at the shop/studio last weekend. I am in the process of getting a true perspective on how functional 5 to 10 hours of available studio time can be. I am getting a handle on doing commissions/alterations for people whom I have met there over the past year as a regular vendor on the first weekends of the month. It is not where I want to spend the potential 10 hours a week of home time for down to it making stuff! I have to play or I lose perspective :)

Thanks for all the support from family, friends and coworkers as I launch myself backwards, does that make me a magician... ? Oh Merlin you wise one!

So the following are Facebook references and music, the sound track of my life continues.

*I have an album for several current inspirational projects as well as images of my local Shop/Studio in downtown Olympia, Cobaltquilter's Corner. Here's the link to the Cobaltquilter's Corner Facebook fan page if you are a FB person you can like my page and get my updates. Otherwise I think you can just visit and read it. If you are particularly curious about how long a project might take from start to finish my FB will be a better location to see me updating progress. We shall see how 2013 bodes for consistency!

I like FB even though it has become littered with paid advertising annoyingly changes its algorithms with out explaining it to me! I am pretty transparent as a person. As Conan has said I go to Facebook to crusade and play word games! I do that as PeggySue King. Very true. I enjoy both! I also like exclamation points and emoticons :)

A friend shared this with me this morning, and I have been listening to tunes as I compose this entry.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

+Spelling/grammar disclaimer! I will reread in the future and potentially if allowed edit for errors, perfection requires revision. Interesting thought.
++Or to fix links!

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julie cavender said...

It's a lovely store front! I can see why you've been so busy with it. Good Job!!