Thursday, October 21, 2010

Evergreen Trees Postcard Series and seeing Stars!

I have been working on the Evergreen Trees in Winter Series I started in 2008 in anticipation of the Friends of Olympia Timberland Library Art Show and Sale scheduled for November 20th. I have sold a few of this series in the past, likely in 2008, and did not number them so I don't know how many total there are or will be. One was nearly complete and only needed the binding sewn to the 4 X 6 inch watercolor paper backing. It is in my Etsy shop now. It is titled Thaw, there are beads that look like water drops in the design.I uploaded an image as it is no longer front and center in my Etsy mini in the side bar. I have completed the beading on 13 more and the next step is to trim them to size, add the binding then sew them to the watercolor paper.

In addition I have begun beading another series I found unfinished. This one is stars that are 4 X 6 inches and all made from different fabrics with holly designs. I am thinking I decided to do these before the binding on the Evergreen Trees because binding is my least favorite step in the production of these postcards. But once completed there will be over 20 to have at the show. I also have a set of postcards with wrapped presents on them. I may simply finish those with binding, no need to bead. We shall see...

I have a pair of jeans I have agreed to hem for a friend. Last night I picked up the right color thread and plan to work on them Friday afternoon. Once back at the machine I hope to get the binding on a few of the trees and maybe a star so I can do the sewing to backing during my standing Saturday 'dinner and a movie' at the above mentioned friend's house! Much easier to sew bindings than it is to bead there.

I continue to collect blue beads, branching out to a bit of periwinkle. I did find and buy five 20mm cobalt blue round beads that are awesome! Then I picked up a few 10, 8, and 6 mm. Several of the 'seed bead' strands I have will take the size down to as low as 2 mm! I am searching for a few 12, 14 or 15 mm. We shall see what I find. The possibility of a 'strand' across the surface of my Deep Space project is appealing to me!

My Physical Therapy has been going well. My knees are improving noticeably, or actually I find myself doing something I haven't been able to do for years and realize my knees are getting better with out being aware of it! Looking forward to a long weekend, not on the schedule to work Saturday. However must get myself there one more day this week!

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