Monday, September 13, 2010

Innovations Fabric Challenge Complete

Yesterday afternoon I delivered my entry in Innovations Machine Quilting Convention's Show! I finished it in funny stages. After quilting the center and first border I beaded with the quilting as the guide. I then looked at the center and determined I would likely not have time to embellish the center and as such it needed additional quilting. I returned to quilting the center. Then the binding and sleeve were added but not turned and hand sewn. I beaded the outer border in a beautiful Montana blue seed bead. I was considering a unique flower or berry motive but ended up staying with only the ivy vine.
A detail of the beading shows a bit of the machine quilting of the mirror. There were a lot of starts and stops so opportunities for error.

Over all I think it came out well. If I had had more time I would have embellished the center mirror with silver beads, buttons and charms. Perhaps after it comes home. Cindy Roth the Innovations director said there are a wide variety of Fabric Challenge entries this year. I do not anticipate winning anyhthing but will again appreciate judge's comments. And it is exciting to hang work where tons of people will see it!

Now I can return to getting my house back in order and a ton of current projects screaming for attention! Last night I worked on the Trees Outside My Window ACEO series!

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