Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disadvantage of infrequent posts

I realized how counter productive long gaps between posts to my blog must actually be. I then tend to ramble on and on about my current randomness! Pretty silly. Suffice it to say that I have been playing with miniatures! I have horded quite a unique collection of props to use in my displays for selling my miniature 'creations.' Some were sent to me by my mother and include a needlepoint rug my grandmother made for my mother when she was making miniatures, when I was a kid! I finished the Castle Room Box! I have made a little blue & patterned chair that matches a bed seen in my last post. They will be offered on Etsy soon! I picked up a shadow box, oiled with mineral oil and have it set up to hold my mini collection.
Etsy Shops I have collected some amazing miniatures from!

Bella the Ladybug Baby Fairy and her sisters from
Glitzy chick from
Crystal ball
Book of shadows
Quiji boards
Elemental circle

There are several little odds and ends that are mine, such as the little maps, I glued 2 pieces of tissue paper together to make those! There are a few charms/beads as well.

The Castle Room Box has been a blast to create, I'm working up to displaying items for sale. I am always much slower than I intend!

I thought I had an image of the castle to share. Will have to wait until another day! Too much to do, so little time.... :)

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